Achieve a Competitive Edge in the Financial Advisory Industry with Pocket Risk’s Innovative Risk Assessment Tool

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Achieve a Competitive Edge in the Financial Advisory Industry with Pocket Risk’s Innovative Risk Assessment Tool

Pocket Risk is Transforming Traditional Risk Questionnaires into Personalized Solutions with their Comprehensive Risk Assessment Tool

Pocket Risk is a cutting-edge risk tolerance assessment tool for financial advisors that uses an innovative online risk profiling questionnaire. 

Designed to revolutionize how financial advisors assess their clients’ risk tolerance, Pocket Risk offers a comprehensive and personalized approach backed by Nobel Prize-winning academic research.

Stepping Up Financial Risk Assessment 

Traditional risk questionnaires have long been plagued by inherent flaws and limitations, leaving advisors with inaccurate and unreliable results. Recognizing this pressing issue, Pocket Risk has developed a game-changing solution that addresses the shortcomings of existing assessment methods.

One of the key advantages of Pocket Risk is its ease of use. Clients can conveniently complete the risk tolerance questionnaire through a secure web-based platform. Once completed, advisors are immediately notified, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their clients’ risk profiles and initiate insightful conversations to foster stronger relationships.

Another advantage Pocket Risk offers is its availability in multiple languages. This is its most unique selling point, making it stand out from most competitors. The questionnaire is readily available in three languages, i.e., English, French, and German. Additionally, the company’s backend supports all languages, so you can get bespoke solutions in your own language. That, too, within two weeks.

In addition to all this, Pocket Risk can be easily integrated into the majority of renowned CRMs like Salesforce, Redtail, and more. This is not just limited to CRMs; the company’s system can be integrated with any planning tool with the help of an API, which just takes a few clicks. Faster, easier, and more efficient! This can be especially beneficial for advisors who use their own planning tools instead of third-party tools.

An Easy-to-Use and Accurate Approach towards Risk Evaluation 

Pocket Risk’s risk profiling tool is user-friendly and compliant with all risk profiling regulations, ensuring advisors’ adherence to regulatory guidelines. By incorporating academic research and covering critical aspects such as risk capacity, financial goals, and behavioral finance, Pocket Risk empowers advisors with a robust and credible tool to gauge their clients’ risk tolerance.

Moreover, Pocket Risk goes beyond simply assessing risk tolerance. Advisors can seamlessly connect the questionnaire results to their model portfolios, facilitating a smooth transition from risk discussions to identifying suitable investments. This integration allows advisors to offer tailored solutions aligning with their client’s risk capacity and financial objectives, enhancing their service quality and client satisfaction.

Pocket Risk – An Integrated Financial Planning Software 

The benefits of Pocket Risk’s risk profiling questionnaire extend beyond investment decision-making. As clients’ circumstances and financial goals evolve, Pocket Risk encourages advisors to regularly reassess their clients’ risk profiles. By maintaining up-to-date information, advisors can ensure that their investment strategies continuously align with their clients’ risk profiles and preferences, enabling them to adapt swiftly and make necessary adjustments to optimize portfolio performance.


With its commitment to delivering a smarter and more personalized approach to risk assessment, Pocket Risk empowers individuals and financial advisors to make informed investment decisions tailored to their unique risk profiles. By clarifying risk tolerance scores and providing ongoing monitoring and updates, Pocket Risk paves the way for successful investment strategies, ultimately leading clients toward their financial goals.

To experience the transformative power of Pocket Risk’s risk profiling questionnaire, users can now sign up for a 14-day free trial

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