Human Design for Moms Latest Release from Capucia Publishing

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Human Design for Moms Latest Release from Capucia Publishing

Human Design for Moms Latest Release from Capucia Publishing

Nani Chesire, certified Human Design practitioner and author of Human Design for Moms – A Guide to Discovering Your True Self and Living on Purpose
New Book Offers Practical Tools for Mothers Seeking Purpose and Joy

May 24, 2023 – Capucia Publishing announces the release of its latest book, Human Design for Moms – A Guide to Discovering Your True Self and Living on Purpose by Nani Chesire, a must-read for mothers who are feeling stuck and looking to find greater connection and joy. 

Human Design is described as a mix of astrology, Kabbalah, I’Ching, genetics, the chakra system, and quantum physics all in one, giving specific tools to thrive and function best based on how one makes decisions and finds motivation. Human Design for Moms integrates these tools to empower the reader as they navigate their journey of self-discovery to find their way to living a life of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction. Author Nani Chesire includes her formula for Durable Authenticity, helping readers enjoy living life as their true selves, regardless of their current situation. 

“As your kids grow up rapidly before your eyes, the fear of life passing you by may be overwhelming, but as a mom, you may experience a fear of change,” explains Chesire. “Loving yourself and putting your needs front and center will look selfish, right? The truth is: You can only be the best mom and role model when you nurture yourself first.” 

In Human Design for Moms, readers will discover why they’re stuck, learn how to liberate themselves from guilt, how to make better decisions, and how to live here and now with purpose.  

“Living with purpose is hard, but it’s even harder when you are unsure what that purpose is,” states Meagan Wristen of “Do yourself a favor and get intentional by reading this book asap!”  

“Similar to using Marie Kondo to clean your home, Chesire provides exercises to cleanse your emotions,” says Virginia Sowers, a mom, and an engineer. “Brilliantly done!” 

Human Design for Moms is the latest book by author and Human Design expert, Nani Chesire, and is published by Capucia Publishing. Find it at: 

Nani Chesire is a certified Human Design practitioner, a mom with an MBA, and an ability to see straight to the heart of what matters. She co-authored the best-selling book, Human Design Guidebook for Your Type: A Complete Collection. Through Human Design, she moved from living a life of shoulds to a portfolio life filled with her passions—business and parenting. 

Since 2004, Capucia Publishing has helped more than 650+ writers become published authors, offering the transformational author community everything they need to “birth” their book, from professional editing and custom design to publishing in print and digital forms to distribution worldwide on a global network of sales sites. Discover more at 

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