NY’s First Black-owned Self-care Boutique Opens Doors in The Bronx

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NY’s First Black-owned Self-care Boutique Opens Doors in The Bronx

J.D. Body Treats is the first and only self-care boutique in the Bronx area that encourages holistic wellness through a variety of bath, body, and spiritual care products, and workshops.

Bronx, NY – August 25, 2021 – A 24-year-old Black single mother and entrepreneur, Georgina Jean-Dusseck, has ushered in a revolution in the NYC self-care scene lately. The dynamic alchemist has recently launched The Bronx’s FIRST-ever Self-care Boutique which is also NYC’s only black-owned Self-care Boutique. J.D. Body Treats, as the boutique is called, has opened doors in two locations in Melrose and Parkchester, and is currently the only one of its kind serving 1.5 million Bronx residents. 

The unique selling proposition  of J.D. Body Treats is that, it’s not an everyday run-of-the-mill shop; the self-care boutique chain stands out with its novel approach that aims to create a unique experience for each of the customers. The shops welcome the customers in a warm, relaxing, and healing environment to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for them. Georgina and her team are always flexible to walk that extra mile to pamper customers with the right tools and products, as per their specific self-care needs. 

J.D. Body Treats is a holistic brand that specializes in luxurious, body, bath, personal care, and home goods. The brand was initially started as a handmade skincare line by Georgina back in 2018. Georgina specializes in crafting herbal skincare products which she started formulating to help her kids get rid of skin rashes that pediatricians could not heal. Her handcrafted skincare products were amazingly effective, and the positive results encouraged her to launch her own handcrafted skincare products brand. She began selling her formulas at pop up shops and thus, J.D. Body Treats was born.  

However, over time, Georgina realized that while skincare is great it’s not enough to accommodate the overall wellness of her clients. She observed that her clients needed holistic self-care that would not only ensure beautiful skin but also overall mental, physical, emotional well-being. This inspired her to expand her existing business and introduce the first-ever self-care boutique in her underserved Bronx area in January 2021. 

“We are excited to share that we have recently launched the first and only self-care oasis in the Bronx. Our shops encourage people to care for their mental, physical, and emotional well-being by providing a variety of skincare, candles, crystals, self-help books, and herbal concoctions. We also host workshops for yoga, meditation, and skincare formulation as well as pop up shops. At J.D. Body Treats, we aim to empower holistic healing inwardly and outwardly”, stated Georgina.

“Self-care is much more than just pretty baths and sleeping in- it’s become a way of life, and a ritual to take care of one’s mind, body, and soul. And that is what we encourage here at J.D. Body Treats. Especially after the pandemic, the importance of caring for oneself has become obvious to many.”

J.D. Body Treats is bustling with a versatile inventory of personal self-care products hand-crafted and produced in limited quantities in order to offer unique finds to those who visit. Customers can choose from a variety of  products hand made in their lab and from other small businesses. The boutiques also feature adult and novelty gifts like sensual massage oils, aphrodisiac massage oil candles and so on. In addition to women, J.D. Body Treats caters to men as well, extending diverse men’s products such as, detoxifying facial bars, beard oils, and body butters.

Speaking on the products, Georgina stressed on their commitment to provide clients with only the most premium goods, made with highest quality, ethically sourced, and non-toxic ingredients. Self-care products offered by J.D. Body Treats are infused with rich essential oils and fragrances that have proven to enhance the overall wellness of the skin and soothe the mind.

Interestingly, J.D. Body Treats not only sells in-house manufactured products but also those offered by other small businesses.

“We not only sell products formulated by us but also by other small minority and family-owned businesses. We are driven by the mission to support small and local businesses like that of our own so that they too can expand their platform and opportunities to connect with our clientele. Regarding our raw materials used in our products, we love to source them from our local businesses in the community. If we can’t find something locally, we source it from small businesses around the world”, Georgina added in.  

Georgina also believes in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs through motivation and positive thoughts. She has a message for fellow women out there who are looking forward to make it big but also need a nudge to overcome challenges and stay focused on their goals- Because of this she along with her Executive Assistant Aissatou Diawara and Vice President Asya Petrillo, have launched the “Beauty Apprenticeship Program” in which they recruit, mentor, and assist a group of interns for 12-weeks to help enhance their personal/professional development and entrepreneurial skills.

“Being young, a minority, or a single mom should not hinder you from fulfilling your dreams or purpose. I am all of those things but I have also realized that with the right mindset, determination, discipline, and action, absolutely nothing can get in the way,”

For more information, please visit https://jdbodytreats.com or Instagram.

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