As Qatar Starts Accepting Afghan Refugees, the Focus Blurs On the Upcoming FIFA Qatar World Cup

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As Qatar Starts Accepting Afghan Refugees, the Focus Blurs On the Upcoming FIFA Qatar World Cup

Qatar steps in to help the fleeing Afghan refugees, putting the upcoming FIFA World Cup on the backburner to battle this humanitarian crisis.

Qatar, the Saudi Arabian country was immersed in FIFA World Cup preparations scheduled to kick off on 21 November 2022 when the Afghan refugee problem has hit the country. Qatar has agreed to the world’s call and allowed its land to be served as a crucial transit point for those being evacuated from Afghanistan following the crisis in that country.

Qatar is one of the few countries which has agreed to take in refugees from Afghanistan. However, reports say that the country is not fully geared to meet this unprecedented flow of refugees. 

In wake of this unexpected development, the focus has shifted from the FIFA Qatar World Cup preparations. Qatar is going to be the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup. While the World Cup is still a year away, the world is looking closely at the country, trying to find out if Qatar can make the FIFA WC 2022 a unique event.

The development in Afghanistan has forced the country to dilute its attention on the World Cup preparations and prioritize the more urgent humanitarian issue of Afghan refugees. Qatar is accommodating around 6,000 refugees on a temporary basis in its military bases until they are resettled. Some of the refugees are also housed in camps in Doha.

The refugees are also housed in a compound which is one of the many brand-new ones built as accommodation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup event.

Qatar had to battle a few major unexpected developments in its preparation processes for hosting the FIFA Qatar World Cup. It had to deal with the extended stay of the coronavirus which blew into a full global pandemic. The Afghan refugee problem is yet another major roadblock the country is dealing with.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is still some time away, and the country is in a fairly comfortable position in terms of the progress it has made in the area of infrastructure development. However, the World Cup preparations are an ongoing process. Qatar administration is confident that these developments will not come in the way of its successful hosting of the mega football event.

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