Yosuda Bikes Announced Partnership with Movements

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Yosuda Bikes Announced Partnership with Movements

“Yosuda” one of the best indoor exercise bike brand and “Movements” announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will not just keep the Yosuda bikes brandcapturing the market but will keep the band healthy on roads this summer.

The agreement brings together the Yosuda the best-selling indoor bikes brand, the foundation of which lies on the pillar of fitness and Movements which the top running band signed to fearless records.

Yosuda is a brand offering indoor cycling products with premium quality. The principle upon which Yosuda’s foundation lies is sticking to the health line. Family fitness is the topmost priority of Yosuda services. Yosuda not only possess the most advanced and technology-based equipment but truly values the quality as well.

Yosuda takes every step with the sole motto of keeping the quality of products and services appropriately high and believes in improving the quality by creating a trustworthy fitness brand (Yosuda) and Movements, a top-running band conducting concerts and live events. Movements is not just all about the fearlessly rocking events but is willing to use YOSUDA bike YB001 for encouraging the fans to stay fit and healthy. 

Sticking to that motto, Movements isabout to incorporate the YOSUDA YB001 as fitness equipment. The Yosuda indoor bike YB001 suits best the team’s fitness and wellness, not just the physical but also the mental wellness.

Yosuda is a company offering indoor cycling products, and none can beat the quality of premium smart bikes from Yosuda. A typical YOSUDA bike YB001 features a significant variety of Movements that participants can perform, whether in a standing position or a sitting position on the Yosuda bike. 

In addition to this, the participant can either increase or decrease the resistance of the flywheel of Yosuda bikes just by turning the knob. Furthermore,Yosuda bikes offers a significant number of movements, including sprinting, hovering, jogging, climbing, and jumping. 

Under all these fitness favoring features, Movements is about to get hands-on with the Yosuda bikes and announced the partnership with Yosuda. This partnership will keep the fans highly passionate about physical as well as mental fitness. This partnership will help the team Movements stay fit and healthy and support the band to keep their fans passionate about fitness and health, which is their ultimate goal.

About Yosuda Bikes 

Founded in 2018 by Eric Zeng, Yosuda is California (USA) & Yiwu (China) based brand that upholds the principle of family fitness, healthy life and attaches great importance to ensure the quality of products in the case of continuous improvement of its aesthetics while striving to be a trustworthy fitness brand.

As a family fitness brand, Yosuda mainly sells family fitness equipment such as stationary bikes, under-desk bikes, etc. In the future, the company hopes to introduce pull-up equipment, trampoline, treadmill, and private high-end customization.

About Movements (band)

Movements is a band founded in 2015. It is re-known worldwide by its music which is whole blend of post hardcore, spoken words and alternative rock. The band is signed to Fearless Records and has more than 100k followers on Instagram, 40k followers on Twitter, and 86k followers on Facebook. Movements isnow willing for the partnership with Yosuda to encourage its fans about the physical fitness and mental wellness.

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