Consumer Electronics Behemoth Prairie IT Launches ThePhotoStick® Omni

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Consumer Electronics Behemoth Prairie IT Launches ThePhotoStick® Omni

This electronics and manufacturing company excites many tech users with their newest product that offers easy data backup for gadgets of all types with one click.

Every day in our digital world, people save important memories across different gadgets – smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and more. With so many photos, videos, and other files spread out in many different places, data backup should be a priority.

The trouble is, people aren’t getting ahead of data loss with effective backups. Phones are broken, laptops are stolen, PCs crash, and other calamities strike these important devices every minute of the day.

Consumer electronics behemoth Prairie IT is well aware of this common occurrence. Founder and CEO Mark Oman developed the original line of ThePhotoStick® products after he once lost precious photos from a family boating vacation. When his phone fell overboard, it took irreplaceable photos and videos with it.

Since the release of the original ThePhotoStick® for Computers and ThePhotoStick® Mobile, these products have helped millions of people worldwide protect their data. Inspired by this success, Prairie IT has launched the newest iteration: ThePhotoStick® Omni.

Introducing ThePhotoStick® Omni

ThePhotoStick® Omni is a single device that successfully backs up photos and videos from phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. ThePhotoStick® Omni comes with an adapter that is compatible with every modern device and operating system – whether you are an iPhone or Android smartphone user, or if you prefer a Mac or PC.

Once plugged into your device, ThePhotoStick® Omni finds, backs up, and safely stores your data – providing a crucial secondary location of your files in case disaster strikes your device. Every day hundreds of customers are pouring into to check out ThePhotoStick® Omni for themselves since its recent launch.

Frequently Asked Questions About ThePhotoStick® Omni

Q: On What Devices Can I Use ThePhotoStick Omni®?
A: ThePhotoStick® Omni works with all modern computers, smartphones, tablets, and computers right out of the box. It’s also compatible with all Windows, Android, and Mac Operating Systems.

Q: How Does ThePhotoStick® Omni Work on PC and Mac Computers?
A: Simply plug the device into an open USB slot, open ThePhotoStick® Omni software on your computer, and click “Go” to initiate easy backup!

Q: How does ThePhotoStick Omni® Work on iPhone and Android devices?
A: Easy! Download and launch the free app for ThePhotoStick® Omni, plug your device into your phone using the white adapter connected to the USB unit, and click “Go”!

Q: What Photo, Video, and File Types Can ThePhotoStick® Omni Find and Save?
A: Nearly all of them! It saves your standard JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4 file types, as well as many more. Visit for the full file type list.

Q: Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
A: Yes, ThePhotoStick Omni® comes with a no-hassle 60-day money back guarantee. You can try ThePhotoStick Omni® risk free when you purchase at

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