‘Your Digital Bible’ Is An Ultimate Guide To A Bright Career In Music for Artists Who Have A Mesmerizing Voice But Limited Resources

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‘Your Digital Bible’ Is An Ultimate Guide To A Bright Career In Music for Artists Who Have A Mesmerizing Voice But Limited Resources

Waiting for a breakthrough? No more! Get discovered! A good singer or an instrumentalist, ‘Your Digital Bible’ is here to help build a career route for all self newfound artists!

United States of America – ‘Your Digital Bible’ is an ebook that is here to provide all the young, talented artists with an opportunity that will kick start their career. The book emphasizes greatly on how to get heard if the voice has everything that deserves to reach the public. The ebook offers multiple strategies on how to get booked and earn through music, eventually leading to a successful career in music.

Over 4,500 Independent magazines,Radio Stations, Music Blogs, Indie Record Labels, Distributors, Music Promotion Sites and Spotify playlist to help the voice get heard, discovered and booked!  An all in one package that gives an insight on a possible career route for beginners, ‘Your Digital Bible’ has over 1,700 Record Label Contacts, A&R Music Lawyers, Publishers and much more to help its readers get discovered. To all the beginners worried where to go and how to take a start, this book is a must have! It answers the dilemma of what to do and what to avoid. What is an effective way to approach music industries? What is the attention grabbing tactic that has to be opted? ‘Your Digital Bible’ has it all. 

‘Your Digital Bible’ understands that it is the right ‘booking agent’ that makes or breaks an artists career. The ebook includes access to over 470 best booking agents which will make sure to book your paid shows. Be it an artist show, a band, rappers, DJs or performing at a venue. From a college concert to some melodious vocals at a wedding. These booking agents will ensure that the voice is put to use to its full potential. In addition, the ebook has a 3 Step EPK Creator, to help create an epic Electronic Press Kit Like a Pro! It offers a complete walk way on Spotify and How to submit your music to the Spotify playlist!, a platform that has an access to 158 million plus subscribers worldwide, ‘Your Digital Bible’ promises to enrich its readers with what it takes to be heard, if worthy enough, discovered and the best  always comes last, get booked!

By now the temptation has built to maximum so wait no more and place order. To increase customer satisfaction, ‘Your Digital Bible’  offers its readers double money back guarantee if it fails to live up to the expectations anticipated. Such policy ensures that the customers feel valued and above all. With such confidence in the ebook, it is certain to provide its readers with success and endless opportunities in the music industry.

This ebook is exclusively available at  ‘Your Digital Label’, a trusted and reliable agency for music promotion. The ebook is priced at $19.99 which makes it affordable for all!

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