Velents Secures Pre-Seed Round Rivalling TikTok Resumes & On-Demand Interviews

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Velents Secures Pre-Seed Round Rivalling TikTok Resumes & On-Demand Interviews

Velents Secures Pre-Seed Round Rivalling TikTok Resumes & On-Demand Interviews
Offers and end-to-end recruitment solution used by Tier A companies around the world and a video-based timeline for users to brand themselves

Velents is ushering in a new era of recruitment and business communication with its A.I. Powered Recruitment Platform and Video Based Timeline. The company succeeded in securing a 6 digit pre-seed round from angel investors. The platform offers both, a cloud-based recruitment SaaS for corporations and a social business network mobile app for users. It uses video screening, psychometric assessment and machine learning models to select the best candidate and offer candidates a great experience. This is a huge rival for TikTok jobs and resumes feature as it offers a video-based timeline for users to video pitch and brand themselves beyond their resumes. This could also be a big rival for LinkedIn in the future.

Launched in February 2021, Velents is rivalling TikTok by using machine learning assess candidates depending on various factors. With an enhanced version of its mobile app, Velents is able to reduce hiring time by 80%. The platform helps to build organizations’ teams based on science and competencies.

According to Founder, Mohamed Gaber, ‘This is the time where youths need to show themselves beyond resumes while offering efficiency for corporates in candidate selection creating a value for all stakeholders.’’ Co-founder Magdy sees the huge potential in video-based business communication in the upcoming era. The Marketing responsible co-founder Greta Noca mentioned that millineals and Gen Z love using videos for branding themselves and standing out.

Velents boasts of access to the largest occupations list with competencies. For corporations, the platform is able to suggest the right competences for certain positions and the right questions to test competences and skills based on scientific researches. It can also shortlist candidates based on cultural fit, interview answers and candidate profiles to ensure fairness and equal opportunity. Hiring managers can build conversations with candidates through WhatsApp, SMS and in-app messaging. ‘It was amazing seeing candidates before meeting them. We got all we needed before catching up with candidates,’ One of their major clients commented.

The platform is mobile-friendly and allows candidates to record their interviews smoothly on-the-go. It ensures that a brilliant web-based experience as interviews for candidates are aligned with company brand guidelines. It provides support for candidates so that candidates can have a smooth experience. 

Velents offers all-inclusive usage for new companies to start recruiting for a free trial for limited amount of time. By signing up to the welcome package, users get access to top features such as branded career page, job posts, ability to invite evaluators, structured-interviews questions design (interview builder), psychometric assessments, code screening and code-sync interviews and assessment centre. In the enterprise package, users have access to assessments integration with the assessment’s centres, monthly reports on the hiring performance and main KPIs and everything in the welcome package. Velents will also host walk-in interviews for high volume of interviews.

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