JD Days Announces Release of Cool Breeze of Summer, the Summer Anthem for 2021

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JD Days Announces Release of Cool Breeze of Summer, the Summer Anthem for 2021

Available in Stores June 22, JD Days Brings His One-of-a-Kind Sound to the US, Just in Time for the Summer Season

After a year of bad news, social distancing, fear, and worry; it is safe to say that everyone is eager for a carefree summer in the sun. Every now and again a song comes along to act as an emphatic anthem to highlight the bliss and splendor of nostalgic summer love. When these one-in-a-million songs hit the radio waves, they inevitably set the tone for a generation, and continue to play for decades to come. JD Days latest single Cool Breeze of Summer is set to kick off the season in incredible fashion, and will no doubt become the Summer 2021 anthem in the United States.

JD Days is a British singer, songwriter, and musician known around the world for his authentic sound that conveys wistful nostalgia with his own personal twist. Reminiscent of the upbeat romantic comedies audiences have come to adore, JD is committed to evoking love and joy throughout all of his music.

Summer love is often equated with youthful teens, blissfully unaware of reality past the last week of summer. JD Days Cool Breeze of Summer argues that this feeling of unparalleled freedom and joy is not exclusive to a certain age group or demographic, but rather experienced through appreciating the beauty and opportunity that summer brings.

JD Days’ music reminds listeners to stop and smell the ocean air, let their hair down, live in the moment, and make new memories at any age. Cool Breeze of Summer can be heard nationwide in the US come June 22nd and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

“This is the song that brings back the memories and the song that will make new memories; helping people live in the moment, and enjoy the very essence of summer and love.” – JD Days, Artist

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to authenticity; JD Day’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of “Cool Breeze of Summer” come June 22nd.

To learn more about JD Days, please visit: http://daymusic.net/

About JD Days

JD Days is a British singer, songwriter, and musician dedicated to bridging the gap between ages in music with original sound and authentic style. His diverse songwriting style produces catchy musical sounds and melodies including instruments that fit perfectly in his style of popular music. Refreshing, imaginative, and utterly unique, JD’s unique sound has enabled him to work with a wide range of musicians and performing artists, securing international recognition and praise.  Last year saw the release of JD Days’ first US radio song with Evergreen Christmas. As summer 2021 rapidly approaches, JD Days is gearing up to kick off the season with the release of Cool Breeze of Summer, available in stores on June 22nd. Anticipated as the anthem for a post-pandemic summer of fun and bliss, Cool Breeze of Summer will be heard nationwide across the United States come June.

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