Focus on the field of cleansing-products – British Meckiss makeup remover let everyone know about ingredients

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Focus on the field of cleansing-products – British Meckiss makeup remover let everyone know about ingredients

According to the forecast of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, indicated that the average annual growth rate of makeup remover products in the next few years will remain between 15%-18%, which will be a huge market demand continuously. Meckiss, as a British brand which is committed to the cleansing market, will never be absent under this trend. Meckiss makeup remover was launched as expected. 

1. The original intention of the Meckiss brand: not only skincare, but nourishing

Meckiss is a fashionable young brand from the UK which advocating the self-personality. Meckiss has been creating the gentle formula that is different from other brands, and strives to achieve a comprehensive skin nourishing system in skin care. The most important is that the product is upgrading and the efficacy is also optimized constantly, as well as it keep showing a lower price around all brands, that committed to provide more cost-effective products for more ordinary people to choose.

2. Meckiss products: healthier and more effective

Because of the adding of skin nourishing ingredients in the Meckiss makeup remover water, the effective of skin nourishing is followed. Like Avène, which has been always focusing on mild skin-nourishing, the same ingredient PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides, as well as oriental tea tree, alpine ginkgo mistletoe extract, grass green hornwort extract, yeast peptides, acetyl hexapeptide-8, etc. As for the product ingredients. Meckiss is very cautious, not only on discovering the excellent skin care ingredients all over the world, but also on the research and development process. Each of the new product in development process are required repeated proofing and multiple rounds of testing.

Sensitive skin can feel very gentle after using it which precisely because the Meckiss makeup remover contains a lot of skin nourishing ingredients, the skin feels moist and refreshing, no tight-felling, gentle and not greasy.

3. Meckiss product design: Youthful, personality and user friendly

The series of products of the Meckiss brand have a common features, that is, the packaging is novel but convenient to use. Just like the packaging design of this Meckiss makeup remover, it is more abstract and irregular, showing the casual and energetic personality of contemporary young people. The opening of the bottle is pressed, which avoids cumbersome dumping and is more convenient to use.

Followed the reputation and popularity of cleansing oil products in first generation, Meckiss believe that this Meckiss cleansing water will also bring us more surprises. For the future of Meckiss brand, will be more worth to looking forward!

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