Abduction Cycles Series by John Elijah Cressman Debuts with “Village of Hawkshead”

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Abduction Cycles Series by John Elijah Cressman Debuts with “Village of Hawkshead”

Allentown, PA – Feb 17, 2021 – Fans of author John Elijah Cressman will be happy to learn that he’s just released the first book in his new Abduction Cycle series. “Village of Hawkshead” is a GameLit/LitRPG Portal Fantasy Adventure available on Amazon in a Kindle edition, paperback and hardbound. The book debuted to enthusiastic reviews.

“If you combined Ready Player One with Dungeons and Dragons, you might get pretty darn close,” said Independent Book Review about Cressman’s books.

“Village of Hawkshead” follows the exploits of computer technician, Ethan Gower. One minute he’s playing video games online with friends – the next he’s been abducted and dropped into a world where magic is real, so are the monsters, and danger lies around every corner. He soon discovers that he’s not the only one that’s been summarily taken from his home and the life he’s known.

In the strange new world, Ethan is a real wizard and must convince his companions that they need to band together to survive. As they level up and gain new abilities, the companions are all the while trying to solve the mystery of who abducted them, for what reason, and how to find the way home.

The pathway forward in any endeavor is never easy. Ethan and his companions also find themselves in the middle of a conflict that has the potential to destroy their new world before they can return to their own. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, someone is murdering wizards and sucking out their brains.

Cressman is uniquely qualified to write a new fantasy series that involves programming and game playing. He’s an actual programmer, a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories, and an accomplished magician in his own right.

The Abduction Cycles series comes hot on the heels of the conclusion of Cressman’s Veil Online trilogy. “Village of Hawkshead” combines all the elements of an epic fantasy, seasoned with a dash of the real-world, for a book that’s difficult to put down.

For more information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08SJ3KRHD

About John Elijah Cressman

John Elijah Cressman is an author, magician, hypnotist, programmer, and long-time lover of roleplaying games and fantasy/sci-fi books. He still enjoys computer RPGs and MMORPGs, with his current favorite being Elder Scrolls online. He’s the author of Village of Hawkshead in the Abduction Cycles, two books on hypnosis, and is currently working on the fourth book of the new fantasy series Abduction Cycles.

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