YourOnlineChoises Releases Encyclopedic List of US-Focused Mobile App Statistics For 2020

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YourOnlineChoises Releases Encyclopedic List of US-Focused Mobile App Statistics For 2020

Behavioral Advertising Specialist Creates Key Mobile App 2020 Metrics Resource For US Advertisers

Renowned online behavioral advertising experts YourOnlineChoises have released their comprehensive list of US-centered mobile app statistics for 2020. Titled “Key Mobile App Statistics for the US in 2020”, the article offers a deep dive into mobile app usage and performance metrics in the United States for the year 2020.

When asked about the article, YourOnlineChoises CEO Amy Felmington said, “Most online articles about mobile app usage in 2020, have a global focus. Metrics focusing solely on the growing US mobile market are few and far between. We believe this article will be immensely helpful to US mobile app developers and American brands choosing to use mobile as their primary mode of audience engagement”.

The article comes at the right time, as US advertisers look towards mobile devices for their Christmas and New Year marketing. As the article underscores, mobile applications have been one of the most-accessed platforms for Americans for infotainment, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has increased mobile app usage in the US significantly, with people spending up to four hours each day on their phones. 88% of this time was on mobile apps. By June 2020, the weekly shopping rate on shopping apps was 25% more than Q1 2020.

The “Key Mobile App Statistics for the US in 2020” article discusses these and many more metrics for mobile app usage in the US in 2020.

The chief categories that YourOnlineChoises discusses are:

  • Mobile app penetration rate in the US – with a focus on urban penetration versus rural penetration.
  • Mobile app download metrics – with emphasis on the type of apps downloaded by Americans in 2020.
  • Mobile app usage statistics – which apps performed the best and which states in the country use mobile internet & mobile apps the most.
  • Mobile app performance details – with a focus on key performance issues faced by American app users and their response to these challenges.
  • Industry-focused mobile app usage – highlighting which industries performed the best on mobile during the Covid19 pandemic.
  • Mobile app revenue statistics – evaluating the profitability of mobile apps in the US, on both Android and Apple devices.

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