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Read All About Calligraphy Pens By The Serif

Behind the art of calligraphy, there is science. Calligraphy pens use the principles of gravity and capillary action to work

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. Wikipedia describes it as the design and execution of lettering with a broad-tipped instrument, brush, or other writing tools. Writing has always been a powerful medium to present your thoughts and ideas, but your handwriting can also be an impressive design tool.

The Romans have been credited with bringing calligraphy to the masses. However, calligraphy has been prevalent in several cultures all over the world. From manuscripts to royal decrees, calligraphy was used in almost all of these during ancient times. When printing was invented in the 15th century, it nearly ended the manuscript tradition, and calligraphy was limited to certain types of publications like musical scores and scientific notations that continued to be handwritten.

Though the use of calligraphy was limited, the art did not die down. It continues to flourish even in the modern world in the forms of event and wedding invitations, font design, graphic design, logo design, religious art, stone inscriptions, and memorial documents.

Calligraphy can be done with any pen. However, fountain pens, dip pens, brush pens, and quills continue to remain the most popular tools. The fountain pen structure controls the flow of ink that is crucial for forming beautiful lettering on paper. You need to know the working principle of a calligraphy pen as well to use it for optimum efficiency.

Behind the art of calligraphy, there is science. Calligraphy pens use the principles of gravity and capillary action to work. The nibs of calligraphy pens are designed in a way that it controls the flow of ink in one direction and the flow of air in the other. With adequate and controlled airflow, you get just the right amount of ink that you need to create beautiful handwriting without causing any leaks and spills. The Serif also released an interesting Research and Statistics on the Use of Fonts in Marketing that covers how different fonts can affect one’s marketing.

There are several calligraphy pens available in the market with different types of nibs. Choose a calligraphy pen that fits your hand well so that you are comfortable while writing.

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