Slightlyblue Publishes Encyclopedic Report On The Impact Of The Color Blue On The Human Psyche

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Slightlyblue Publishes Encyclopedic Report On The Impact Of The Color Blue On The Human Psyche

Reputed Color Strategist Publishes Multi-Disciplinary Report About Effect Of Color Blue On The Mind

Blue aficionado and color strategist, SlightlyBlue, published an exhaustive report titled “Effect of Blue on the Human Mind.” This comprehensive report covers an expansive list of topics pertaining to how the color blue affects the way we think, behave, and feel.

When asked about the inspiration for the report, SlightlyBlue CEO Lily Jameson had this to say, “The color blue is so pervasive. We see it all around us, it accounts for a large section of our wardrobe, and it is a part of our wedding festivities. But very little is known about how the color blue affects our cognition, behavior, and moods. There are stand-alone studies done, but none which collate key, multi-disciplinary insights in a single space. SlightlyBlue’s intent was to bring together the latest research about the impact of blue on the human psyche; insights which mental health professionals, early childhood educators, and marketers could use to offer better, more-personalized services.”

The report titled “Effect of Blue on the Human Mind”, isn’t just for professionals seeking to tap into the cognitive or commercial effects of the color blue. The report offers a good mixture of theoretical research, historical evidence, mythology, and cultural symbolism – perfect for a blue aficionado to enjoy.

Readers will find plenty of engrossing categories that offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted view of the color blue. A few of the sections to look forward to in the research report are:

  • Role of the color blue in human evolution.
  • Cultural and religious connotations of the color blue.
  • Popular artists whose careers flourished on the color blue.
  • Blue and its role on gender perception and stereotyping.
  • Effect of the color blue in learning, cognition, and memory retention in children with autism and patients with dementia.
  • How marketers succeed (or fail) using the color blue in branding.
  • Is blue a real color or a linguistic concept?

About SlightlyBlue

SlightlyBlue is a reputed online expert on all things blue, based in San Bernardino. A color strategist specializing in the symbolism and usage of the color blue, SlightlyBlue provides highly-researched resources about color psychology. The company is a favorite with marketers, educators, and mental health professionals for the diverse insights they offer on the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral effects of the color blue.

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