Experts suggest that non-woven bags be used instead of traditional plastic bags to reduce pollution

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Experts suggest that non-woven bags be used instead of traditional plastic bags to reduce pollution

With the “plastic order” the introduction of the limit, “non-woven shopping bag” by a not known as the “ugly duckling” into “Star” household environmental protection: major businesses large quantities of procurement, distribution, on the other hand, more and more consumers with shopping it. However, this morning, the China Environmental Science Society of green packaging professional committee and other professional institutions through the newspaper to businesses and consumers issued a reminder: “no spinning bag” and not “bag”. As a matter of fact, it is also a plastic product, long-term heavy use probably will be after plastic bags are another great white pollution source.

Non woven bags can not be degraded

Since the beginning of the Ministry of Commerce issued a plastic limit order, the business not only made non-woven bags, paper bags, and other alternative solutions, and have been distributed to consumers by way of free.

“However, we should also pay attention to whether the new alternatives are environmentally friendly.” China Environmental Science Society of green packaging professional committee of the Secretary-General long Ji Junhui Dr., repeated use of the basket and bag is actually the best alternatives; however, due to the inconvenient to carry, single, high cost and other characteristics have limited their use. As a result, low-cost, easy to carry non woven bags became the most widely accepted alternatives.

But “non-woven” and not a bag, its raw material is actually plastic, mainly including polypropylene (PP), accounted for 62%) and PE (polyester, which accounted for a total of 24%) two, they not only can not be degraded, and once the extensive use of will on oil and other nonrenewable resources lead to the consumption of huge. Beijing ACCCIM vice president Gaobo also said that non-woven bags as a transitional product is understandable, but extensive use probably will be after the plastic bags after another great white pollution source.

Paper bags are more energy consumption than plastic bags.

Dr. Ji Junhui also warned that for some businesses, especially shopping malls, a large number of use paper bags are not desirable. Because the paper bag can be degraded in the natural environment, but the energy consumption and environmental pollution caused by the paper process is more serious than plastic shopping bags. According to the statistics of the American Chemical Society, the raw materials needed to manufacture the plastic grocery bags than paper bags 40% less, a pound of plastic production of energy than a pound of paper required for the production of energy 91% less, compared with the plastic, the manufacture and use of paper produce gas emissions by 70%.

Degradable plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly

This reporter has learned that in the plastic limit order that has just been introduced, there are Chinese Academy of Sciences, called for the promotion of the use of biodegradable plastic shopping bags. Dr. Ji Junhui told reporters that the production technology of this plastic bag has been fully mature, it can completely biodegradable, and do not consume oil and other nonrenewable resources. However, its cost is about twice as high as that of ordinary plastic bags. However, Dr. Ji still said, should be vigorously promoting the use of plastic shopping bags can be completely degraded, as long as there is a certain amount of procurement, production costs will naturally dropdown.

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