On Anna Kimmerle: Charlottenburg’s Addition to the Art Scene

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On Anna Kimmerle: Charlottenburg’s Addition to the Art Scene

Anna Kimmerle is the owner of Berlin art gallery, AK Galerie, found in the heart of Charlottenburg.

AK Galerie is a diverse, contemporary art gallery in Berlin. Anna Kimmerle is the young, German-born gallerist who founded it.

While raised as the youngest of five children in the enchanting state of Bavaria, Kimmerle proved herself to be a charismatic, headstrong individual. Growing up in an artistic, cultural household led Kimmerle to developing an interest in human nature and relations. This stimulated the growth of Kimmerle’s two passions from early on: psychology and the arts.

Despite a tendency towards rebellion during her teenage years, fuelled by unswerving tenacity and joie de vivre, Kimmerle eventually found stability in a Swiss boarding school. She ultimately trained as a clinical psychologist, continuing her enthusiasm for the human experience through travel. This resulted in an exceptional fluency in a number of languages.

Having lived in Paris, London and Zurich, Anna became inexorably drawn to Germany’s creative capital, Berlin, within which she has lived for 6 years. 

From Psychology to Culture: The Arts and The Mind

Kimmerle’s passion for the arts never left. After working in the field of trauma psychology, she dared to open her first art gallery in Charlottenburg; the charming heart of West Berlin. Though the leap from her field of study to her current profession seems unanticipated, Kimmerle’s interest in the mind involves self-expression and human behavior. These two things are intrinsic to the arts. They are key components that Anna looks for when engaging artists and appraising their pieces for AK Galerie. The examination of sculptures, paintings, textiles and more have always aided in the understanding of cultures through the ages. It is how we, as humans, relate.

Opening an Art Gallery in Berlin

Despite only being founded in the autumn of 2019, AK Galerie more than holds its own in the saturated industry of curators in Berlin. Kimmerle’s savvy networking skills and culture of kindness have resulted in collaborations with a growing collection of talented artists even beyond the German border. Numerous impressive artworks varying in both size and subject have graced the walls since the gallery’s inception, including prints and original works.

The new Berlin-based art gallery’s success is partly due to the approach Anna Kimmerle takes with creators. She has always stood by the belief that the quality of an artwork should not be determined by an artist’s financial or educational background. Instead, importance lies in how each work can speak to the soul. The young gallerist loves studio visits for this exact reason. It is intimate, immersing oneself in the story of the artist and in their space. This is where the initial communication begins. As a gallerist, it is her job to listen.

Kimmerle’s unique educational background and work experience makes AK Galerie stand out from others. She sees and interprets meaning where others do not. Her expert eye has seen several successful exhibitions in the short period the gallery has been open.

If you are looking for an art gallery in Berlin to peruse after lockdown restrictions are lifted, consider visiting AK Galerie. The cultural space is proud to draw an eclectic crowd, reflecting the diverse variety of artistic talent associated with it. From highly expressive contemporary paintings, to conceptual, avant-garde sculptures, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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Anna Kimmerle Galerie is an art gallery in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

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