Pansy Maiden Releases Article on Floristry Industry and Trends For 2020-21

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Pansy Maiden Releases Article on Floristry Industry and Trends For 2020-21

Research and Markets that predicts a Computed Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.9 percent over the next seven years for the floristry

Pansy Maiden, the popular online platform dedicated to flowers, has released an article on the floristry industry and trends for 2020-21. A key takeaway from the article is that despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic and technological disruption, the future looks rosy for the floristry industry.

The article highlights a market research report from Research and Markets that predicts a Computed Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.9 percent over the next seven years for the floristry industry which is slated to reach $ 45,876.50 million by 2027. 

Unabated growth

The research article delves into the impact of the ongoing health crisis on the floristry industry and explains the findings of an impact survey. Researchers who conducted a survey to estimate the impact of the pandemic on the floristry sector found that across different geographic areas, the CAGR is expected to be robust. While the sector is expected to reach $7,9 billion in the U.S., world over, an average growth of 5 percent is predicted for the next seven years. Markets in China, Japan, Canada and Europe are also expected to register noteworthy growth in the same period.

One of the key drivers for the growing demand for flowers is the concept of micro weddings or weddings celebrated at homes, a trend that started in 2020 and expected to continue into 2021.

The top buyers and sellers

The US continues to be the top buyer of cut flowers followed by the European Union driven by a rise in consumer demand. The top growers and exporters of cut flowers and flower bouquets are Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Netherlands accounts for 40 percent of global export volume for cut flowers and retains its position as the world’s top producer and exporter of fresh flowers, particularly, tulips and peonies. Ecuador continues to be the leading producer of roses while Columbia is the top exporter of carnations.

Flowers in demand

In the US, roses are the most popular flowers and are in demand throughout the year. These glorious flowers account for about 35 percent of all cut flowers sold in the US each year. The other flowers that are imported apart from roses are Gerbera, tulips, carnations, orchids and lilies.

Florists in the US are experimenting with new floral arrangements from basing floral designs on natural elements to taking inspiration from many geographic areas. One such key trend is the ancient Japanese style of flower arrangement, the Ikebana, that is becoming mainstream.

A strong focus on sustainability

The floristry industry, like other industries, is responding to the growing concerns over plastic pollution and climate change. Across the US and EU, floral designers are adopting sustainable practices such as repurposing flowers, using dried flowers, using sustainable containers and natural elements.

Packaging bouquets in letterbox-friendly cardboard boxes is another key trend that is likely to gain traction in the coming years. With remote work becoming the norm, people and florists are increasingly focusing on the health benefits of flowers and biophilic designs for relieving stress, boosting mood and overall health.

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