With the Inventory of Model X Being Cleared, Tesla may initiate a new round of price war

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With the Inventory of Model X Being Cleared, Tesla may initiate a new round of price war

From the beginning of 2021, Tesla has made a series of moves. With a price cut of more than 100,000 RMB, orders of Model Y skyrocketed. Tesla’s stock continues to rise, making its CEO Elon Musk the world’s wealthiest man. Immediately afterwards, Tesla reveals that there will be a clearance sale of Model S and Model X in the US. By the end of January, all inventory is scheduled to be cleared out.

Many netizens speculate that Tesla is adopting the old strategy of price reduction promotion. As a consequence, consumers buying Tesla now are likely to suffer a loss. At present, it is found on the official website of Tesla America that the prices of all Tesla models are already beginning to drop. In China, even the model cars of Tesla have dropped from 1,700 RMB to around 1,200 RMB.


In fact, consumers who do not want to deal with the commotion could consider other electric car brands. Some new forces in the electric car industry are making progress quietly and gradually gaining strength to compete with Tesla. The most distinctive one is the HiPhi brand under the Chinese carmaker Human Horizons.

HiPhi’s first model set for mass production, HiPhi X, is aimed to compete with Tesla’s flagship model, Model X. Actually, compared to any other electric car model currently on the market, HiPhi X has already gone an extra mile in terms of intelligence and technology.

HiPhi X is equipped with the world’s first open H-SOA electrical architecture independently developed by Human Horizons. Based on this architecture, HiPhi X can realize the separation of the car’s application and operation. In this sense, the car is endowed with the ability to evolve through remote software update without its hardware being changed.

What is “evolve-ability”? In 2018, typhoon “Mangkhut” hit China’s coastal areas of Guangdong. Tesla officially stated that in response to the typhoon, a temporary OTA upgrade will be carried out for Tesla owners in southern China to allow vehicles to obtain additional battery capacity; In April last year, after Tesla’s software named “2020.4.11” was updated on Model X, its range with a full charge reached 569 kilometers — a 5-kilometer increase from the previous 564 kilometers. Tesla is indeed the first car brand to make its cars evolvable. However, aside from Tesla, HiPhi also has the ability to continuously evolve, making it stand out from other all-electric cars together with Tesla.

Another feature making Model X particularly attractive is its Falcon wing doors. They are really an embodiment of beauty and practicality, helping Model X win the hearts of numerous fans.

For fans of wing doors, I bet that HiPhi X’s NT door system will also charm you. HiPhi X’s NT door system is a combination of Rolls-Royce’s coach doors and overhead gull-wing doors. The wing doors have a maximum opening angle of 80 degrees and are more than two meters above the ground — allowing users to enter the car without bending their backs. In addition, door handles are totally absent on HiPhi X. The sensors on the doors can detect users outside the car and open the doors automatically.

In fact, there are so many merits of Tesla Model X that make it exceptional. Similarly, the distinctive features on HiPhi X are also making it the only model on the market having the potential to challenge Tesla. Both are the top players in the field of high-end electric vehicles. For many consumers, it may seem hard to choose between them. However, for those who are sick of the fluctuations in Tesla’s prices, HiPhi X may be another choice.   

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