Top Marketing Agency Explaining Podcasts and Vodcasts

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Top Marketing Agency Explaining Podcasts and Vodcasts

Top Marketing Agency Explaining Podcasts and Vodcasts

It’s no surprise that with the rise of technology, the world is becoming more and more competitive. If you’re a business thinking about joining the realm of podcasters or vodcasters, there are several aspects you need to be aware of in order to stay competitive and rise above the competition. Top marketing and SEO agency in Toronto, Gilmedia, addresses the main differences between traditional podcasts and video podcasting.

Traditional Podcasts

Normally, podcasts consist of audio files that are available on the internet. One can either listen to the podcast, or download it for later. More often than not, podcasts are used to spread knowledge and awareness – either about a specific topic or brand, or even idea. Podcasters convey valuable and in-depth information to their listeners (i.e. subscribers) and release their files as an on-demand audio content series. 

Video Podcasts

Video podcasts are similar. They also provide information to their users just like the traditional podcasts. The biggest difference between the two is that video podcasts are as the name claims, on camera. So imagine recording the audio as one normally would, except the individual recording the audio is also being recorded via video in this particular case.

Most people use vodcasts as a way of expanding their reach. Podcasts can be uploaded on certain websites, but by also recording oneself doing the podcast – one can upload the vodcast on numerous other platforms (i.e. YouTube). But let’s rewind back to why either or are even necessary for your business. Well, the answer is quite simple: both can help grow one’s audience. So the next question is – which is better?

Benefits of Podcasts

There are many advantages to starting a podcast. The most important is that it helps to generate traffic. By talking about interesting and business-relevant content, one begins to build a rapport with one’s listeners. This rapport is key to converting the target audience into customers. There are many ways to create a relationship with your subscribers – from talking about current events and tying it into the business to keeping the content discussed as engaging as possible.

Benefits of Vodcasts

Just like podcasts, vodcasts come with a plethora of advantages. In this case, however, the biggest benefits to creating these is that it produces microcontent. While it may be slightly harder to create, since both audio quality and visual quality need to be up to par, it allows one to use snippets of the whole video and apply it to more platforms. Of course the content needs to make sense, but one can upload the whole video onto YouTube, a small clip on one’s Instagram page (that links to IGTV), a preview on one’s Facebook page – the possibilities are endless! 

To answer the question posed earlier, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. However, depending on the type of business, one might be better suited for the company than the other. Want to give podcasting or vodcasting a go but aren’t sure which will benefit the business most? Connect with the team of marketing professionals at Gilmedia today. They know all the pros and cons, can help with content creation, as well as market the audio or video through the web. They can be reached at (647) 478-5858 for any SEO services inquiries.

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