Gregory Mohr Is Helping People Achieve Their Financial Goals, Helping Them Find, Connect & Invest With The Right Franchise, & Preparing A Storm-Proof Future For Inevitable Circumstances Like COVID-19

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Gregory Mohr Is Helping People Achieve Their Financial Goals, Helping Them Find, Connect & Invest With The Right Franchise, & Preparing A Storm-Proof Future For Inevitable Circumstances Like COVID-19

Greg Mohr has been helping people during tough times like the COVID-19 to recognize opportunities through his Franchise Consulting and helping people achieve their financial goals, connecting them with their future, and helping them invest in themselves. With his experience in franchise operations, he’ll help you find a franchise that works for you. Greg brings a lot of real-life experience towards guiding you to the right opportunity and helping you find the right franchise and will support you to invest in yourself while preparing a storm-proof future for inevitable circumstances just like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Mohr, for the longest time, has been helping people achieve their financial goals, connecting them with future opportunities, helping them invest in themselves. He is also a Multi-Million dollar Franchise Consultant, Broker of the year 2015 and Top Broker in 2018 and 2019. These recognitions are, in part, a result of Mohr’s work within the Franchising world helping the corporate refugees and investors to build a sustainable life through investing in a growing franchise network. Greg takes it as a huge responsibility making sure that his clients make the right decisions in choosing the franchise business that will determine their future income and stability.

As the world faces yet the most challenging phase, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused a huge loss to the global market, Greg shares his in-depth knowledge of the best franchises which can help you prepare for the unforeseen scenarios and could improve your income. As everyone is highly affected by the ongoing situation, there are certain franchises that are semi-passive which would help people prepare for the worst-case scenarios of losing a job or other economic crises hitting the global market.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting lives and livelihoods of millions of people around the world. This has triggered massive unemployment and economic hardship for the vast majority of people. Workers and business owners wonder if anything can save them from financial difficulties, as consumers practice social distancing and most cases “to stay at home” to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Greg has been helping people even during these times and wants to shed some light in this hopeless situation by helping them select the right franchise.

Choosing to own a franchise could be a safer option nowadays especially in these tough times. Why? Because Franchising is an alternative form of investment and offers advantages in this so-called “new normal”. One of the primary reasons why most business owners and entrepreneurs shift to franchising is that it allows them to expand without the hassle of “figuring it out themselves”. All the systems and processes are already laid out for them as soon as they walk in and are ready to be leveraged and utilized.

Franchising not only allows the franchisee to tap into a proven system which works, but also allows to leverage human resources. Greg also shares that having a franchise also reduces the risk to the franchisee. The franchisee has all the responsibility for the investment in the franchise operation from paying for any build-out, purchasing any inventory, hiring employees to taking responsibility for any working capital needed to establish the business. However, in return, they receive help and guidance from the franchisor which could sometimes mean a network of successful similar operations which are proven to be successful.

Greg learnt these expertise by spending a lot of years in various franchise ecosystems. In his early days as a restaurant manager, Greg became a turnaround specialist for distressed restaurants as he was quickly able to diagnose the main problem faced by the vast majority of the people: how the employees were being treated. Treat employees badly and they treat customers badly and soon customers don’t come back. The solution was simple and easy to meet: just listen to the employees, find out their issues, and treat them with respect.

Now, Mohr uses the same principles to help people explore franchising; doing the same with every franchise candidate he works with. Listen, figure out what the issues are, and help solve problems; and yes, he will tell you that a franchise is not right for you if that is what he discovers together. “Great franchisors are looking to award you the opportunity to purchase their franchise; they aren’t looking to just sell you something, and neither am I,” Greg quotes.

“I help you avoid the same mistakes I made, and a whole bunch more;

I worked with two franchise consultants to find the right business opportunity.

I made it clear that a major criterion for a franchise was to work from home.” Greg exclaimed. What he learned through this experience is that he really enjoys investigating business opportunities and helping other prospective franchise owners avoid going through what he went through.

Greg is also a well-known Top Skilled Franchise Consultant member in The Franchise Consulting Company (FCC), that helps clients structure a franchise strategy based on their own unique situation and what they find most compelling within franchise brand, culture, and operating models in order to attain their goals:

  1. We navigate with you so you understand the complexities of modern franchising. The end results are sustainable goals that meet your needs and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our services are free.

  2. We share the extensive experience and understand the complex franchising issues of both the franchisor and franchisee. We understand the need to combine significant business knowledge of the ever-changing franchise landscape with thorough knowledge of how quality franchise organizations are run and what they look for in ideal partners.

  3. We introduce our clients to the best franchise companies. We have the flexibility to operate across a wide variety of industries and include franchised companies such as property services, personal services, fast food, manufacturers, real estate, auto, and many others.

  4. We help explain the rights, responsibilities, duties, and obligations of all the parties in the franchise relationship.

Franchise owners have a multitude of benefits in regards to branding and proven business models. One thing that concerns many people that are interested in franchise purchasing is the belief that they have no freedom over things in the business. Franchise owners are given a business model, marketing, branding, and training that is already in place. This is to secure the success of the franchisee. If it has been proven to work, then why change it?

Bit it is not always that strict. Some of the brand-wide changes that are made in franchise companies, start with a franchisee that thought that something else could work better, and they were right. A franchisor sets rules in the beginning to retain a viable location, and after that, they want to see what they can do with it. There are even advisory or advertising committees in many cases that solely meet for new ideas and expansion of current methods.

Choosing the right franchise is not as hard as it looks, it can be achieved with 4 easy, essential steps to get you on board. Greg revealed in the interview:


As a member of the Franchise Consulting Company, a group of consultants who have been in the franchise and business world for many years,  it has been with their past experiences where they get their long list of franchises that will thrive in these times.  With the people that Greg has come across all throughout his franchising career, he always seems to notice one common attribute among successful candidates: Strong Self-Awareness. Knowing where you want to be is the most crucial aspect of choosing the right franchise business for you, Greg emphasized.


With thousands of registered franchise companies, it can be time-consuming to pick the best one that fits your interests. That is why making sure that you know the ins and out of the franchises is always key to being successful. 


The third step is making sure you are ready and well equipped with taking on the franchise world. This means, be well educated with the type of business you want and get all the proper guidance before jumping off the final step.


Taking that leap of faith that will change your life. Financial freedom is earned through hard work and dedication and through the proper guidance, you will make it through even in tough times like these.

Out of all the various benefits of receiving consultation with Greg, one of the main ones at the beginning of your franchise purchasing journey is to have a person to ask those questions to who would understand your situation. If you value freedom of ideas within the franchise you work with, then we can make sure to find one for you that has a committee or plan in place to work with you. He will be there to help you make this huge life choice in a manner that gets you goal-reaching results, not settling for something you only half want. Asone of his favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar which says: “You can get everything in life you want if you just help many other people get what they want”.

Greg has also written a Whitepaper highlighting 7 Mistakes which people make while choosing to onboard their Franchising journey. Here they are:

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