Introduction of P2P Crypto Market Status and Excoinz

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Introduction of P2P Crypto Market Status and Excoinz

Since 2016, many Crypto exchanges have been established around the world, but recently, due to national legal regulations, services have often been suspended or moved to Europe or other countries. For this reason, as the number of Crypto exchanges has increased recently in Singapore, new corporate registration has no longer been made.

The most important thing for operating the Crypto Exchange is technical stability and compliance with the laws that operate it legally. However, many exchange operators often embezzle customers’ money or steal valuable customers’ assets due to lack of technical effort. It is also a reality that many customers have lost trust in the Crypto exchange.

Coin P2P transactions are a service that has been established by the needs of customers after overcoming these market problems well. In general exchanges, coin prices rise and fall, but in P2P exchanges, they make stable transactions.

Excoinz Inc. is a company registered in Delaware for global p2p coin trading. It is a company founded by experts who have worked at Wall Street’s securities company for a long time, lawyers specializing in Cryptocurrency, and experts in exchange production and security.

A separate system is operated by a 24-hour development team to manage customers’ assets. CFO Willy Prantz said, “The importance of P2P transactions is increasing, and we are the people gathered for this project. I have done my best to develop the system and maintain stability for the past two years, and the most important thing in the company is ethics management. We will do our best to protect our customers’ assets. “Currently, if you use a P2P exchange rather than current many Crypto exchanges, there is no difficulty like the Travel Rule for each exchange, and coin transactions are possible at a reasonable price. It is possible to trade in any country without a Crypto exchange, so P2P transactions will become the trend in the business model of coin transactions in the future.

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