S-tron Event Concludes Successfully in Yangzhou, Countdown to Shanghai S-tron Conference Begins, Slush Makes a Resounding Return to China

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S-tron Event Concludes Successfully in Yangzhou, Countdown to Shanghai S-tron Conference Begins, Slush Makes a Resounding Return to China

Yangzhou – May 24th, 2023 – Slush has made a triumphant return to China in its new form, S-tron China, following a successful debut in Yangzhou. After eight years of development since 2022, Slush China has undergone an upgrade to become “S-tron/S创,” with full support from the Slush Finland team. The S-tron China team is committed to upholding the spirit of innovation, establishing a strong presence in China’s innovation hub, and collaborating with Slush Finland to support the next generation of determined innovators set on changing the world.

S Young 2023 was held with great success at the Guangling Public Cultural Center in the city of Yangzhou. As the first event hosted by S-tron after the Covid-19 pandemic, this highly anticipated gathering attracted an impressive crowd of over 1,000 attendees.

Marking S-tron’s inaugural launch in Yangzhou, S Young 2023 presented a diverse conference program that included engaging activities such as keynote speeches, enterprise roadshows, and captivating music performances. The event aimed to provide comprehensive support for the promotion of innovative enterprises and projects with an international perspective.

Throughout the event, the Young Stage featured content on technological venture capital and mesmerizing band performances. The Velarium Stage, designed in a light-colored camping style, facilitated insightful discussions between investors and entrepreneurs about technological projects. The Coffee Stage brought together the elements of coffee, youth-oriented topics, and music. Young entrepreneurs from around the world actively participated in discussions centered around topics such as “Global Cooperation of Innovation,” “Insights on Reshaping New Consumption Trends,” “Young Talents x Leading Life Development,” and “Sustainable Innovation of Technology and ESG.” The event saw the contribution of more than 70 esteemed guest speakers, 20 startup institutions delivering presentations, and the organization of 10 thought-provoking round-table discussions. Notably, East Bay and several other enterprises participated in the roadshows and successfully secured investments from well-known funds.

Beyond the business-focused discussions, the event featured the participation of over 60 enterprises in the technology market, food market, and talent market. The technology market showcased intelligent products, including a 3D reconstruction engine, camera-equipped glasses, and other technological advancements relevant to artificial intelligence and general computing. The food market exhibited a diverse range of wines and beers from various countries, locally produced milk, and an assortment of healthy snacks developed by professional R&D teams. The talent market attracted innovative enterprises such as Wanfang Technology, Yu’an Technology, Kemai Hydraulic, Jiahe Thermal System, and Power Equipment Factory, which actively recruited talented individuals and released hiring notices for multiple important positions.

In addition to the main event held on May 18th, S Young 2023 will also host a series of innovative activities, including Community Day and Communication Day, providing opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to exchange insights. These additional events aim to expand the event’s influence and effectively foster technological innovation in Yangzhou.

S-tron China team is already planning for the annual Shanghai conference in the third quarter of this year. The conference is expected to attract over 10,000 participants and will be one of the largest technology innovation events in Asia. For more information about the event, please visit www.s-union.cn

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