Sahla Academy To Launch First-of-its-kind Learning Program Aimed At Disadvantaged Learners

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Sahla Academy To Launch First-of-its-kind Learning Program Aimed At Disadvantaged Learners

An affordable, quality learning system for the disadvantaged.

Since 2018, Sahlah Academy has been preparing plans for delivering quality affordable education content to refugee schools and orphanages across the Middle East. Some of Sahlah’s Academy’s notable contributions in this regard has been the establishment of Sahlah Academy.

Sahlah Academy has introduced an innovative educational system to address the acute need of the displaced, under-privileged, refugee students and adults to provide first-of-its-kind learning programs. Sahlah Academy has succeeded in developing impactful practical learning approaches by merging Blended learning with educational technology and techniques suitable for the target groups, as well as Problem/project Based Learning (PBL).

In addition to the above educational concepts mix, Sahlah Academy is building a strong base of social work practitioners who facilitate the educational process to the fullest. Sahalah Academy delivers learning services to areas without infrastructure that require JIT (Just in Time) efficient management of the entire learning process.

Today, with a small team of just ( Number ) professionals, Sahlah Academy is making an impact in the lives of more than 30,000 children.With the support of several benevolent individuals and charities, Sahlah Academy was able to fund several educational projects in several countries (Countries).


Sahlah Academy is a provider of COGNIA accredited educational services for the disadvantaged, displaced and refugees in troubled areas in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Sahlah has developed a unique multi language, multi course, low-cost Technology based, K-12 learning platform that trains teachers, students, and administrators to make learning accessible regardless of her financial ability of charitable institutions or students.

SAHLAH ACADEMY is headquartered in Malaysia with two satellite branches in Dubai and Istanbul to serve educational institutions, schools, and teachers in the gulf region, Africa and Asia with unique educational resources.

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