Pass It On: A Community-Run Decentralized Social Platform for Everyone

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Pass It On: A Community-Run Decentralized Social Platform for Everyone

Ever happened to you that you were chatting with a friend on social media about a product, and soon you saw the product advertisement in your feed? Privacy is a joke on traditional social media. What if you could keep your data to yourself and can enjoy connecting to friends over social media? “Pass It On” does that for you.


Why does privacy matter on social media?

Social media giants collect your information from contact details to location. Your every click and scroll is being tracked to gauge your interest in the content and show you personalised ads. Their service created your virtual identity that feeds on your likes and dislikes.

Imagine someone having such minute details about your psychology and mental state. It is easy for them to manipulate you, so as to increase engagement on their platform.

Lastly, in the case of a data breach, your contact details, location, subscriptions etc., will be exposed to malicious entities that can cause harm to you in many ways.

How is “Pass It On” changing the game?

The philosophy of Pass It On is simple- your data, your rule. It empowers the user to keep their data private without losing out on the connection with friends and accessing the marketplace.

The platform is to be launched on Binance Smart Chain which in itself is decentralized, highly secure and lightening fast blockchain network. However, to improve the performance further and lessen the reliability of the third party, the Pass It On network will eventually be migrated to its chain called The Holochain.

What does “Pass It On” brings to the table?

Pass It On provides the three things that the social media world needs the most – privacy, decentralization and community. Period.

Pass it On will bombard the social world with multiple features like –

  1. Marketplace: shop anything and everything with PIO tokens and other currencies.
  2. Social Dashboard: Add friends, invite them for games, pay or receive tokens and much more.
  3. Profile: Create your identity with a photo and a bio.
  4. Games/Quizzes: play, learn and have fun with friends.
  5. Message function: friends and family are just a message away.
  6. Future Holochain: unlock the power of blockchain via apps, smart contracts and web 3.0
  7. Voting Rights: it is your platform so you make the rules. 

Pass It On’s purpose is for a free market that is only regulated for the safety of its community. Hence, they will never ask you to invest. Moreover, transparency is at the core of Pass It On. Therefore, they will publish a monthly report to inform the investors of marketing expenses. Also, an Ethics Panel will ensure the regulation of free speech and internal policies.

Tokenomics of Pass It On

Pass It On token shall have PIO as its symbol. At launch, 10 billion tokens shall be available on Binance Smart Chain. At first, 85% of the token shall comprise the liquidity pool, 5% of tokens shall fund future developments, the hardworking team will be remunerated with 5% of tokens and the balance 5% of tokens will burn monthly for two years.


Join their movement

A decentralized community is as good as its members. So come join the community on their platforms so they can pass on the latest information and you can be a part of the community.

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