The Benefits of Applying Grass Fertilizer According to

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The Benefits of Applying Grass Fertilizer According to

The Benefits of Applying Grass Fertilizer According to

Homeowners take pride in their lawns, so patchy grass and stunted growth are simply not acceptable. Some people choose to hire lawn care companies in an effort to resolve the problem, but it’s difficult to know who to trust. Homeowners who want to take a more hands-on approach that guarantees a healthier lawn should look into lawn fertilizer instead. Read on to find out about the benefits of fertilization and learn why.

Protect the Soil

Most people think of fertilizer as a product that feeds plants, but high-quality products like Dr. JimZ Fertilizer help to create healthy soil, as well. Homeowners who want to create a healthy soil microbiome that continues to support lush growth for years to come without becoming depleted should avoid fertilizers that are heavy on nitrogen. Instead, they should look for well-balanced products that build the soil up and create a carbon-to-nitrogen ratio that supports beneficial microorganisms.

Better Disease Resistance

Just like people, every species of grass is susceptible to a variety of diseases. However, healthy grass that has all the nutrients it needs to support growth will also be less likely to fall prey to plant diseases. A proper nutrient balance combined with healthy roots provides the lawn with all of the protection it needs. Even if diseases do take hold, they will be less likely to spread throughout the lawn and cause widespread damage before they can be controlled.

Better Pest Resistance

Homeowners wondering When to fertilize a lawn in fall – for perfect springtime grass growth typically know that pests come out of dormancy at around the same time as their favored plant hosts. A healthy lawn won’t just be more resistant to diseases. It will also be better able to fend off insect pests. Homeowners who want to know what types of insects are attacking their lawns can hop over to here to get additional information.

More Even Growth

It’s common to see lawns that have patches of lush growth and other areas that look dry and sparse. This usually happens as a result of an uneven nutrient distribution, which, according to, might be the result of natural soil factors. Fertilizing the lawn will help to reverse this problem and produce more even and uniform growth.

Fewer Weeds

Some homeowners assume that they need to apply herbicides to get weed-free lawns. In fact, chemical herbicides can wind up doing more harm than good. Treating the lawn with regular fertilizer applications, on the other hand, can help to suppress weeds naturally. The thick grass will develop a deep, strong bed of roots that makes it harder for even the most persistent weeds to get a foothold.

When to Start Fertilizing

Lawn fertilizer can be applied in the fall before the grass goes dormant to stimulate healthy spring growth. It can also be applied during the growing season to help even out rough patches and give the grass an extra boost. Just be sure to use products designed for holistic lawn care that build up the soil microbiome instead of destroying it with excess nitrogen.

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