Rice Remedy Launches First Silky Calm Skincare Subscription Service For Personal, Skin, And Hair For Under 3 Dollars A Day

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Rice Remedy Launches First Silky Calm Skincare Subscription Service For Personal, Skin, And Hair For Under 3 Dollars A Day

Rice Remedy is bringing the five-minute recharge of Skin Ritual with the world’s first silky calm skincare subscription service that is available for just under $3 a day.

Stress affects beauty by causing cells in the body to divide more than usual, impacting the cellular lifespan and leading to accelerated aging and disease. Grounded in science and based on Zen philosophy’s foundation, the award-winning Patented Rice Remedy nano bacterial cellulose is bringing back the tradition of ritual into skincare. Through its enviable collection of three primary skin products for daily use created to transform your whole way of being in 30 days.

In the words of Stella, the founder of Rice Remedy, “When it comes to beauty, I am a firm believer that it startsfrom the inside out. For me, the pursuit of beauty is a noble one. Our appearance is a mirror that reflects whowe are. Revealing our lifestyle choices, our state of mind, and our potential.” We believe you can find calm inthe chaos of every day by changing everyday routine into a more meaningful ritual, a skin ritual for that innerpeace, not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of your daily life.

“In order to achieve a state of calm, Rice Remedy focuses on helping you improve stressed skin into silky calmskin in 3 simple steps” Stella added

Stella, trained as a radiographer, founded Rice Remedy after becoming aware of how time-consuming andwasteful it was to create the ideal rice pack for the store in her native Thailand. Inspired by Kombucha andscoby she turned reclaimed rice waste into high value biocellulose.

Their products offer a host of benefits for the end users starting from their proprietary Organza (Rice SilkPeptides) topical wound inspired application and topical delivery systems for functional ingredients. Eachproduct packs the power of microbial cellulose, whose hydrophilicity- the affinity to attract water. Organza canhold a high content of water- up to 100 times its dry weight due to the highly porous nanofibrillar structure.In aVivo study with 30 burn participants gave a rating of 4.9/5 on the satisfaction rating scale.

Rice Nano Bacterial Cellulose is multiple award-winning, patented holding bioactive from Rice Remedy,whose highly porous nano-fibrillar structure results in notable permeability to liquids and a remarkably highwater-binding capacity.

Rice Remedy is currently planning to open its flagship location, resorts, and day spas.. Stella stated, “In orderto achieve a state of zen, Rice Remedy is a skin-ritual created to help you make a habit of slowing down andtuning in for a few moments a day simple and possible. Without the stress of long ingredient.

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