Digital Printing Solution to Full Cotton Fabric

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Digital Printing Solution to Full Cotton Fabric

Digital Printing has been applied to many circumstances so far. In turn, its presence arouses more economy entities into the corresponding industry amid the advance of science and technology. Unfortunately, digital Printing can’t be imprinted on the surface of fabric made of plant fiber. This evident limit to this application has imposed some restraints on its utilization. Many enquire, “Can use Digital Printing on full cotton fabric? Then, how?” 

Firstly, the ink  choose in digital printing matters a lot. Our old-type sublimation inks, also called dispense dyes, are hard to be absorbed by cotton fibre. Thus if use those inks to colour full cotton fabric, they are easily washed away. 

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Secondly, the craft of digital printing differs from that of printing on full cotton fabric. As to the former, patterns are imprinted on the sublimation paper rather than the fabric at first. 

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As to the latter, the procedure adopted includes pattern design; immerse a piece of fabric into starch solution; dry the fabric; initiate; set colors by high temperature steam; wash the fabric. What deserves our attention is that the forth and fifth steps are always to be conducted subsequently, as this is one of the key crafts for companies to get a piece of clothing with clear pattern, and to prevent it from fading away.

In effect, patterns are hard to be imprinted on full cotton fabric by digital printing. The solution for this case is to adopt reactive dispense dyes or adjust the craft of digital printing.

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