Lawrence & Associates Injury Lawyers: Getting Clients Back On Track and Into Their Future

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Lawrence & Associates Injury Lawyers: Getting Clients Back On Track and Into Their Future

Attorneys at Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC has provided the highest quality of legal services in Northern Kentucky and Ohio. The firm caters to a wide variety of legal services—injury claims, applying for disability benefits, making an appeal, or filing for bankruptcy—expressly to protect the financial future of its clients. With offices in Fort Mitchell, Florence, and West Chester, competent legal help is never far away.

Personal injury and car accident lawsuits are complex, yet Lawrence & Associates injury lawyers make the convoluted legal process seem straightforward. When a case ends up in the courts, the services of a personal injury attorney are critical to ensure proper case management. 

To protect a client’s rights, a competent attorney will ascertain that a case is filed quickly and all related parties are served with notice and process. Lawrence & Associates car accident lawyers have the experience and competence in court procedures and will respond expeditiously to court notices and motions by the other parties. The firm’s attorneys will expertly and vigorously present a case to a judge or a jury, giving a claimant the best chance of successfully recovering fair compensation for their clients.

According to the US Bureau of Transportation, highway accidents are among the top trends in injuries related to transportation accidents, reaching over 5 million in 2020. Motor and vehicular accidents can leave victims in a critical state, requiring urgent medical care. 

Often this leaves clients in a compromising position, thus allowing defense lawyers and insurance companies to push for a nominal settlement sum. However, with Lawrence & Associates, clients feel confident that their interests are being well-represented in the hands of an experienced personal injury lawyer who will aggressively pursue the compensation a client deserves. 

In short, the firm deals with the other party’s insurance company or legal representative while allowing its clients to focus their time and energy on recovering from sustained injuries. The Lawrence and Associates’ website provides videos on basic litigation information, processes, and different types of pitfalls that defense lawyers and companies may use. They embrace their presence as a 21st-century law firm and train with multiple insurance software systems and web interfaces to maximize claims and speed up communication between judges and trustees.

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When an incident occurs, the possible issues that could stem from it are almost limitless. No victim wishes to be deprived of compensation and access to basic needs. Having legal representation from the lawyers at Lawrence & Associates will help alleviate the burden—just knowing the case is now in the hands of competent and dedicated lawyers makes a difference. Many personal injury claimants depend on their insurance companies to process their claims and often settle for less than they deserve. A better alternative would be to reach out to Lawrence & Associates—a firm that will “devote 100% of our resources to obtain the best possible result.”

A pillar of the community, Lawrence and Associates Car accident lawyers’ philanthropic cause within the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities is renowned. Their contributions go beyond litigation and extend into medical research, rehabilitation, youth leadership, and many more. They put people first, and Redwood of Northern Kentucky is a fine example of this social cause. The beneficiary receives financial support and employment opportunities through their Adult Work Placement Programs for those with disabilities. 

About the Firm: 

Lawrence & Associates Accident and Injury Lawyers, LLC is a firm of well-trained attorneys dedicated to getting the injured their just compensation. They work cases such as personal injury, worker’s compensation, social security claims, and bankruptcy to serve residents in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas. They believe in your future and the future of legal services, providing free consultations to all who need them.

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