EverEscrow Announces Plans To Launch its Web Application

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EverEscrow Announces Plans To Launch its Web Application

Innovative crypto escrow payment platform, EverEscrow, announces plans to launch a user-friendly web application as part of the all-inclusive new ecosystem of utilities

Crypto enthusiasts in different parts of the world are up for exciting times as EverEscrow plans for its web application. EverEscrow is designed as a decentralised crypto escrow payment platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain, acting as the intermediary of escrow services for crypto business transactions. The decision to launch a web application and subsequently develop a mobile app in Q1 2023 will enable more individuals and businesses to leverage the features and functionalities of EverEscrow.

The use of digital currency is becoming increasing accepted in different parts of the world across industries. Similarly, millions of dollars are being lost to unsafe deals and transactions on blockchain. Consequently, EverEscrow aims to create an avenue that guarantees transparency through blockchain interfaces, leveraging financial security in DeFi funds management to deliver a seamless and relatively safer experience to all parties in the transaction.

EverEscrow will provide smart contracts with to-be-respected agreements for the process on multiple levels of governance, bringing the traditional escrow service to the crypto to ensure safety and ethical business practices. The user-friendly platform also enables secure and safe online trades based on cryptocurrency payments

The soon-to-be-launched web application will make the functionalities of EverEscrow easily accessible to different categories of crypto enthusiasts across the globe. There is also the EverEscrow Coin (EEC), which is the native token of the EverEscrow Ecosystem. EEC can be used on the web application, the mobile app, and other products that will be introduced into the ecosystem. Holders of the currency will be able to use the platform as well as earn passive income, with a 1% BUSD tax sent to the holders and investors in $BUSD stablecoin.

For further information about EverEscrow and different aspects of the revolutionary crypto ecosystem, visit – https://www.everescrowcoin.com/. EverEscrow also has a growing online community across social media, including Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

About EverEscrow

EverEscrow is a cryptocurrency project that aims to offer crypto escrow service. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the platform will serve as the middle person of escrow services for crypto business transactions, creating a safe and transparent

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