Hot wire, The ASCO Bank Digital Alliance is coming online soon

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Hot wire, The ASCO Bank Digital Alliance is coming online soon

With the severe global economic situation, more and more enterprises with weak risk resistance began to be impacted, and the profit margins are declining further, and the number of customers is shrinking. The previous solo business thinking and mode, has been difficult to meet the developing market environment and competitive demand, thus began to explore a new marketing model: “combination”, namely by looking for competitive partners, integrate its competitive advantage,maximize the customer diversified consumer demand, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding and stable customer base. In fact, although many enterprises operate in different products or services, but we are facing the same market, the same consumer. Through the form of business alliance, it provides an information exchange platform between enterprises to accelerate the transmission of market information, so that enterprises can quickly understand the market dynamics, so as to grasp the market opportunity.

The different industry alliance makes consumers become the masters of enterprises and the platform, convert consumption behavior into investment behavior, and consumers have a sense of belonging. Once consumers faithfully consume in all the alliance merchants in the different industry alliance, or introduce new customers, the different industry alliance platform will achieve explosive growth.

Goods or services provided by the ASCO Bank Digital Alliance platform to all alliance merchants, All have certain points, All of these points are given to consumers on the ASCO platform, At the same time, ASCO also builds a free entrepreneurship platform for consumers, Consumers can promote the goods on the platform, You can also promote merchants to enter the ASCO platform, Can get the corresponding points, These points are all converted into “dividend equity”; All the pointsconverted into dividend equity go to ASCO Digital Bank, Then ASCO banks use de-central finance tools to amplify “dividend equity”, Let all consumers get more and more benefits through financial leverage. Finally realization: free consumption, consumption value added, consumption wealth.

ASCO digital banking operation mechanism, can achieve a win-win: merchants win, consumers win, platform, countries win, because can stimulate consumption improve GDP, increase national tax revenue, so the win-win business model feasibility is very big, conform to the law of business, financial law, market logic, can be sustainable development, and can finally realize the business closed loop.

ASCO Digital Bank’s vision to “become the first brand of Digital Finance DAO organization in Asia”: Build the first decentralized digital bank in Asia. Build the first industrial incubator in all of Asia! Build the first digital platform of different industry alliance in Asia.

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