5TH WHEEL, a Leading Innovator in Short-Distance Travel, Releases New Electric Scooter

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5TH WHEEL, a Leading Innovator in Short-Distance Travel, Releases New Electric Scooter

The M2 Electric Scooter is lightweight, durable, and folds for easy transport

5TH WHEEL, a company focused on improving short-distance travel, has announced the release of its new M2 Electric Scooter. The foldable scooter is the perfect way to zip across town while reducing carbon emissions.

In recent years, life’s pace has been getting faster and faster. People have been struggling with ways to keep up with the hectic pace while also reducing their impact on the environment. 5TH WHEEL was born to improve people’s work commutes and leisure time through innovative short-distance travel.

5TH WHEEL’s products are not only friendly to the environment but also have considerate design and powerful functions, which can perfectly meet the needs of users for efficient travel. Their high-tech products offer a smarter way to travel short distances with electric bicycles, balance cars, and electric scooters.

The new M2 scooter is powerful and durable, can go up to 25Km/h and has a 7.5Ah battery. It also features a triple braking system for an efficient, responsive braking effect and triple shock absorption for a smooth ride.

The M2 folding electric scooter frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, meaning it is lightweight yet durable. It can be easily folded down in three seconds for storage or transport, making it an ideal commuting scooter. This scooter also features innovative technology such as an LED display, built-in Bluetooth, cruise control and a mini program to ensure a safe and pleasant ride. In addition, it has a dustproof and waterproof rating of IP54, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Normally electric scooter M2 goes for $499.99, but 5THWHEEL is now offering a discount of 15% off. Coupon code: SCOOTER15. To learn more about the M2 scooter, visit this page.

About 5TH WHEEL 

5TH WHEEL is a leading innovator in the field of personal electric transportation. The company has a strong R&D team with a deep understanding of the latest technologies and a clear vision for the future of the industry. 5TH WHEEL’s products are at the cutting edge of design and functionality, and the company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. In addition to its strong R&D capabilities, 5TH WHEEL has a well-developed manufacturing infrastructure, state-of-the-art production facilities, and a comprehensive logistics network. This allows 5TH WHEEL to provide products and services to customers around the world in a timely and efficient manner. The company’s extensive marketing and after-sales service organizations ensure that customers have access to the support they need to get the most out of their electric transportation experience.

The company has obtained more than 100 patented technologies, including more than 30 core patented technologies, laying a solid foundation for R&D, innovation, and core competitiveness in the industry. Provide impetus for the sustainable development of the enterprise. The company attaches great importance to product research and development, continuously optimizes product styles, increases product functions, develops a series of products, and enriches the product line according to the needs of different customers. It is expected to develop ten new product lines in 2022, covering hoverboards, electric scooters, and electric-assisted bicycles. With its strong R&D capabilities, 5TH WHEEL is well positioned to continue its leadership position in the burgeoning electric personal transportation market.

For more information, visit 5thwheel.life.

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