Award-winning author’s inspiring book about a brave woman’s rise from the ashes

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Award-winning author’s inspiring book about a brave woman’s rise from the ashes

“Queen: Life Reincarnated” tells an inspiring tale of the significance of never giving up and living life at its best, regardless of the many adversities around.

Katy, TX – August 06, 2022 – Life is never a cakewalk. Challenges are lurking around every corner and sometimes life can become too arduous to bear. Such dire situations call for a little encouragement and motivation to move on with head held high. In that light, award-winning author Sonia Scott-Ray has recently released her new book that inspires us to march ahead even when your world is so dark you can’t see the path you’re marching on. 

Released February 2022, “Queen: Life Reincarnated”, shines with a stellar 4-star rating on Amazon (also available at Barnes and Noble). 

“Queen: Life Reincarnated” tells the story of Nia, a brave and beautiful woman from New Orleans. The story opens against the backdrop of the catastrophic hurricane Katrina that forced the city’s surviving residents to relocate to places far and wide across the US. It was a challenging situation for her in a new place and unfortunately, she landed into an abusive relationship while looking forward to finding love in life.  

But Nia is not a woman who could be bogged down with adversities. Despite her terrible circumstances, she still managed to find the courage to work for a better and safer life not just for her but for her kids as well. Like a phoenix, Nia rose from the ashes to find a new window of opportunities to live a happier life. 

“I am thrilled with the amazingly positive response I have received from my readers for my new book. Nia’s journey is one of determination and courage that kept her strong despite terrible and heartbreaking moments in life. This book is extremely special to me because Nia is a character to whom I can relate in several places. Like Nia, I too had a fair share of struggles in my life and it took me a lot of zeal to overcome those moments of despair and heartbreak. Finally, I have reached a place in my life where I was able to write down all the emotions I had during this traumatic time in my life”, stated the author. 

“There are many women out there like me and Nia who are passing through severe challenges in life. They need to know that if we can, they too can overcome these terrible times. One of the most crucial things they need here is encouragement and support from fellow women who have been in their situation. I am positive that Nia’s story will be able to empower them with the needed confidence, positivity, and motivation to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.” 

The book has received rave reviews from the readers- 

“This book embodies what it means to push through. Nia endures so much and has to jump through so many hoops just to receive the bare minimum in life. She definitely overcame every obstacle thrown in her path and I just couldn’t put it down until the end, which then left me wanting to know even more!” 

“I really enjoyed following Nia journey through this book and could relate to some of the obstacles that life brings. Hurricane Katrina was a defining moment in history for our nation and especially for the New Orleans community. This book although set in New Orleans takes us on a dramatic rollercoaster with Nia were we are able to experience and feel those happy and sad times with her. A great book to read on a road trip or during your me time.” 

About the author

An award-winning author, Sonia Scott-Ray has always been passionate about writing since her childhood. However, it was her win at a short story competition in 2012 that motivated her to take up writing as a profession. Over the years, Sonia has written on different genres and she is continuously exploring new themes to bring up something new for her readers. 

For more information and to purchase the book, please visit Amazon

Queen: Life Reincarnated: Scott-Ray, Sonia, Scott-Ray, Sonia: 9798420942581: Books

Queen: Life Reincarnated [Scott-Ray, Sonia, Scott-Ray, Sonia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Queen: Life Reincarnated 

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