21st Century Networking Giants – VIRTUE Clan

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21st Century Networking Giants – VIRTUE Clan

There is no doubt that 2021 will be a year of resiliency and technological growth. The digital industry is thriving with trends such as teleworking tools, the Cloud, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and cutting-edge technology. Most experts around the world predict that the world is moving into a time where everyone predominantly merges with the digital path. New innovations – from social media and GPS systems to artificial intelligence and digital twins – make the planet we inhabit unrecognizable from even a couple of decades ago. The pace at which the arrival of technologies is accelerating – and the way it dictates our everyday life is objectively speaking quite astonishing. Only 20 years ago people only used their mailing system to communicate whereas today modern mid-lifers are nurturing their social media profiles and tracking their regimes on a Fitbit. Telephones have turned us into walking cyborgs where billions of people everyday turn ideas, thoughts and moments into consumable digital content. 

People are dying to be seen and get the most out of the golden digital age, which is one of the reasons behind immense growth in the networking industry- especially during the pandemic. The undeniable growth and need for web-based connectivity is hard to miss and many companies have managed to catch the trends early. Not to be confused with their e-sports rival, the world-famous agency and network called VIRTUE Clan is one of the top premium networks in Europe and their recently reported sales-numbers support the theory of an ever-increasing need for digital networking services. The VIRTUE Clan organization is a private network, brand development and media group primarily focused on international relations, strategic development, connected collaborations, secret service events and talent management. The Clan specialises in developing people and subjects into thriving brands; all while maintaining and actively managing the digital footprint of their 500+ loyal members through their own networking system in over 39 countries.

The Company was founded in 2010 and their network roster consists of high-net-worth individuals, organizations, government operations and public figures. It has been reported earlier this year that Virtue has joined their forces with the Torrance Firefighters from California as well as other emergency services in Europe to build a stronger structure for emergency operations online. After signing multiple award-winning artists back in 2013, the network has gotten a complete overhaul and entered full expansion phase with signing athletes, models, producers, brands and public figures from several industries around the world. The Clan is behind branding and growth for many of today’s most celebrated icons within the entertainment industry. Willow Smith, Rebecca & Fiona, Bby Ivy, Freddie Meadows, Blake Kelly, Mentum, Rolls Royce, Avi8ted Thoughts, Futures of Man, Nick Gross, FYG, The New Auto Toy Store and hundreds of others have been seen to work and collaborate with the Clan during the last decade. In 2020 they have been called the “Super Agency” by the GQ and WIRED Magazine after their collaboration with Votwear and the launch of their first original series in Norway under the project called Nordic Podcast where they focus on interviewing highly skilled individuals and people with high profiles in specific fields, including Clan members.

According to the team behind VIRTUE Clan, having access to a wide digital network will be crucial to any business that wants to survive the incoming 21st century. According to David J.P. Fisher, who often comes before how. In the 21st century, networking is a combination of sales, marketing, relationship-building, and career management. It’s the difference between those who get by and those who are getting ahead! No matter the job title or position, the ability to connect with others is the key to finding the resources needed to achieve success. Whether born an introvert or a natural “people-person,” it might be a good idea to invest in networking skills or hire a dedicated agency to help build relationships.

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