Magidome aims to empower people to build simple, cost-effective versatile geodesic domes with their unique Geodesic Dome Connectors

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Magidome aims to empower people to build simple, cost-effective versatile geodesic domes with their unique Geodesic Dome Connectors

Magidome has unveiled the Ultimate DIY project with geodesic dome connectors people can use to build a great, versatile dome that can be turned into just about anything.

“Building a versatile Dome shouldn’t be hard, time-consuming, or expensive. That’s where Magidome comes in. It provides people with an easy and affordable way to build their geodesic domes,” says the creator of Magidome.

Magidomes are versatile, easy to construct, and have unlimited uses. They empower people to build impressive greenhouses, trellises, camping yurts, and pretty much anything they can dream about.

Customize the dome 

In a 27-second YouTube video, we can see how easy it is to assemble a Magidome

“With Magidome connectors, no fancy angle cuts or calculations are necessary. You simply pre-drill a hole at each end of your timbers and gently screw together with each timber snug into the connector. You can customize your dome in any way you like. With longer timbers, you build larger domes,”

Made from 25 equal lengths of 1×2″ timbers, Magidome is an affordable and attractive product for anyone with imagination.

Those who want to start assembling their own may also visit the Magidome website for the full instructions.

No fancy math involved 

With Magidome, people can build the size that fits their projects and needs. There’s no fancy math involved, and the final result is a unique dome that can be turned into anything — from a greenhouse to a backyard camping dome to a chicken coop. Magidomes work best when assembled snugly on solid flat ground. 

Covering your dome can be done quickly and affordably using local supplies. People only need to make sure to anchor and brace any covered dome.

Its good to know that Magidomes are lightweight and rigid when used properly but not designed for load-bearing or climbing use. 

The ‘magic’ of Magidome:

Originally developed to help upgrade the living standards of those living in tent cities, Magidomes have been sold across the world for use as backyard greenhouses, shade tents, trellises, yurts, pergolas, and magical spaces.

“We wanted to create a project that could ultimately bring positivity to the world and create positive change. Something that drives me is finding solutions to homelessness and helping those marginalized. That is, to foster sustainable urban food security and to bring people together,”

Magidome is a small family-run business striving for excellence and wants its customers to feel valued and appreciated.

“To me, Magidomes are a structure for change. With these simple products, anyone can build the dome of their dreams.” 

Magidome offers free shipping in North America. Each Kit includes 11 UV-resistant HDPE Magidome Connectors to build one dome.

Those who want to sign up for updates on promotions, new products, and sales may subscribe to the Magidome website to get started.

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