Which Is Better Used In Food Packaging, Pet Vs Pvc

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Which Is Better Used In Food Packaging, Pet Vs Pvc

Which Is Better Used In Food Packaging, Pet Vs Pvc

PVC, PET, and PP? The age-old question for any industry is figuring out what plastic packaging to use. Each material all has its own unique benefits.

Physically, PET and PVC have similar characteristics, but there are some key elements that PET is superior to its predecessor. It has higher thermal conductivity, which ultimately means that it requires less energy and faster cycle time during thermoforming. Another key environmental edge that PET has over PVC is that it can be recycled much more easily, pet rigid sheet can be used to return to sheet whereas PVC regrind is much more difficult and expensive to use. can be used to return to sheet whereas PVC rigid is much more difficult and expensive to use.

Features of PET Sheet:

Thickness: 0.3mm pet sheet

PET is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material. Non-toxic, No problem for food packing:

• No damage caused of packing
• Easy for processing due to good plasticity, suitable for die cutting, vacuum forming and folding
• Certificate: SGS
• Important item: anti-stastic character for Electronic Parts Packing

When looking at the direct cost, PET and PVC are similarly priced, so surely this makes PET the clear winner due to its environmental advantage, right? Not necessarily. It isn’t just the direct cost of the two materials that needs to be considered, there are many other costs related to the use of PET over PVC that can have a big impact on the user.

PET is a tougher structure, which means is requires more force, more accuracy and inflicts more wear on the tooling when cutting. To counteract this, the steel used in die cutting needs to be stronger, the profile needs to be sharper, and the pressure needs to be increased, among other things. RPET (Recycled PET) can often be even more difficult to cut.

Both PET and PVC have their advantages, but with its environmental benefits it’s clear to see why many supermarket chains are now insisting their products are packaged in PET instead of PVC. What’s not so clear is the long term cost-effectiveness to the processing/packaging companies having to manage PET on a daily basis, only time will tell.

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