Thimblety Tea&Coffee Maker: Find the Right One for the Needs

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Thimblety Tea&Coffee Maker: Find the Right One for the Needs

Are you a coffee lover or tea lover? This beautiful Thimblety tea&coffee maker must be the best choice for you! When one thinks about coffee, they usually think about its ability to provide a boost of energy and focus. Because coffee contains several useful nutrients, including niacin (Vitamin B-3), potassium, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B-2), and various compounds such as antioxidants or phenolic compounds.

When one thinks about tea, they usually think about its ability to ward off some very serious conditions, including cancer, obesity and dehydration. And of course different kinds of tea may have different health benefits. Due to its innovative and powerful design of making both tea and coffee, there is no doubt Thimblety tea&coffee maker would be a hit among people. Just have it a go, you’ll definitely love it!

About Thimblety Tea&Coffee Maker


Whether you want to brew a coffee/tea pod or make a cup of coffee/tea the traditional way, Thimblety innovative coffee machine will allow you to do all! The simple front button feature allows you to conveniently choose between these 4 brewing styles.


Thimblety personal single serve coffee maker will give you that fresh, pure taste that is required to jump start your day. Have your cup ready to drink in only 3 minutes! Hot enough to still have hot coffee with cream added. The water adjustment function allows you to control how much coffee/tea you want to brew to save expensive grounds/tea-leaves. And you can experiment with less water for a bolder flavor or more water for a milder taste.


Enjoy coffee/tea house quality, fresher and faster with this powerful yet compact coffee maker. With the one-touch operation you can quickly brew up to 8 or 15 oz. of coffee/tea, consistently at the perfect temperature.


Innovatively designed to be compact and durable, yet extremely effective, Thimblety coffee maker is much smaller than others. You will be able to fit it in tight places on countertops, office tables, etc. Tall enough to use with most 15 oz. travel mugs, you can quickly brew your favorite hot beverages on-the-go!


Thimblety coffee maker owns a large 40 oz water reservoir which allows you to brew 5 cups before refill, convenient for saving office hours and home gatherings. The indicator also allows you to watch the water level of the coffee maker clearly.


For thousands of years, the people of China have been brewing world-famous tea often unattainable in the West. As a traditional Chinese tea company and importer, we at Thimblety are dedicated to providing a diversity of Chinese tea products to tea lovers worldwide. With a coffee pod brewer and one of our tea pods, enjoying a delicious cup of tea has never been so simple, easy and quick. Regardless of your previous experience with tea, you’ll find that Thimblety meets your every expectation. Delve into the world of Thimblety today and experience a cup of our tea in a brand new light!

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