Omar Cordero Shows Fitness Is Possible Even After 50

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Omar Cordero Shows Fitness Is Possible Even After 50

Omar Cordero Shows Fitness Is Possible Even After 50

As a person ages, it becomes more important for them to start living an active lifestyle. A healthy person will have a longer and happier life. However, a senior can’t partake in the same heavy-duty workout routine that their 20-year-old neighbor does. That’s just asking for trouble. Since the 2020 pandemic came along and forced gyms nationwide to shut down, it has been more difficult for seniors to find the proper exercise training that they require. Yet, if an aging person wants to keep their body strong enough to fight off an infection then it is important that they make the effort to stay as fit as they can. 

Omar Cordero has a slogan, and it’s “Get Moving”. If you want to stay healthy than you need to get moving. Simple as that! Chairman Fitness- VIP Online Coaching For People Over 50 Chairman Fitness offers one of the best online fitness coaching teams on the web. You fill out an application with all of your fitness information and goals to help Omar and his team created the perfect fitness prescription for your fitness needs. To better help senior clients stay healthy and active, Omar has reached out and hired 4 new specialized trainers to the Chairman Fitness team.

They now offer specialized training in strength and conditioning, metabolic training, resistance training, and functional training. These are all important fitness components to help people over 50 live a healthy lifestyle.  Why Chairman Fitness Is Right For People Over 50 Our body changes with age and requires specific training to be in it’s the best shape. So many fitness routines are focused on younger clients as well, leaving senior-aged clients feeling lost and confused with what fitness routines are best for them. Omar and his team at Chairman fitness are specialized in creating a safe and successful online fitness routine to help senior clients reach their goals gracefully and increase functional longevity. 

Clients may also enjoy Omar Cordero’s free ebook, Prescribed Fitness: The Powerful Medicine of Exercise  to help them get a better understanding of why fitness is so important. Fitness over 50 is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Omar Cordero is one online coach that specializes in helping all senior clients reach their goals.

To find out more about what Omar is up to with Chairman fitness head on over to his Instagram page:

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