Farias Family Law’s Elite Virtual Divorce Service is a Perfect Fit for Modern Client Needs

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Farias Family Law’s Elite Virtual Divorce Service is a Perfect Fit for Modern Client Needs

Businesses are changing the way they interact with customers and clients. Thanks to Amazon and other successful online retailers, people now expect great service and efficiency.

Businesses need to step up and deliver. And law firms are no exception. Unfortunately, the legal sector has been late to the party on major business advances. There’s a lot of tradition in the legal profession, and law firms tend to use that as an excuse to not adapt and progress.

For example, many firms insist on billing exorbitant amounts of money for drafting and sending letters and documents in the mail instead of sending a quick email or text that conveys the same message. Some firms insist on communicating mostly through in-office appointments instead of setting up a quick video or phone call, which means that clients have to wait forever to get in for an appointment — which ultimately delays their cases. Some firms refuse to adopt technology to assist with the storage and transfer of information and documents.

Some of this is attributable to the hourly fee arrangements that most firms depend on: the longer it takes to do something and to get a result, the more the firm can bill the client.

The pandemic has turned this approach to business on its head. More people are working from home and more communication is happening virtually. Businesses are leveraging technology to make information more easily accessible to customers.

Some law firms were built for this shift. And others were not and are not willing to adapt.

Farias Family Law, P.C., a MA divorce and child custody firm, is ready to meet the new and heightened client service demands.

For several years they’ve been building an operation that relies heavily on virtual work and provides a premium client experience. Clients can do their consultations virtually by video. Once they’re ready to move forward, they can make payments, fill out their intake forms and fee agreements, have access to their case file, and get high-quality and regular communication with staff — all virtually.

This modern approach to the practice of law forces efficiency, which has traditionally been the enemy of the law. More time = more money for the firm. But today’s clients expect more and they expect it faster. They want their problems resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. And “Old Law” is a bad fit for this.

Farias Family Law leverages technology to put communication and information at the clients’ fingertips.

Throughout the case, the firm staff are easily accessible by email and text. The legal assistants are trained to answer the majority of client questions. And when there’s a legal issue or question of strategy, the attorney is quickly notified and brought in for strategy. The client can then expect a prompt response, whether by email or on more important issues, a phone call or virtual meeting is scheduled.

The client also has quick and easy access to all information and documents relevant to the case. Everything connected to the client’s case is sent to the client electronically as soon as the firm receives it: important communications from the court or opposing counsel, case documents, and relevant information. The client gets all of this almost immediately.

In addition to providing a premier client experience, the firm is also set up to thrive in the new era of “Zoom Hearings.” The courts are now conducting a majority of hearings virtually, so the firms that were prepared for virtual interaction have an advantage. Farias Family Law ensures that it’s equipment and setup are optimized for a quality virtual experience.

The firm prepares the client for the hearing and also uses a texting application so that the client and attorney can communicate while it’s happening live. This is important as issues often come up during the hearing that require discussion. Good communication prevents issues from falling through the cracks and ensures that the firm and the client are informed and on the same page throughout the proceeding.

Also, one would think that a better virtual presentation increases the firm’s odds of prevailing in virtual hearings. If the sound and lighting are of poor quality and the firm is not versed in the virtual experience, the attorney may not be as persuasive.

Bill Farias, the founder of the firm explained how and why they were ready to roll when the pandemic hit in March, 2020:

“We’ve been focused for a long time on efficiently providing the highest quality service to clients. When the pandemic hit, we already had all of the pieces in place to hit the ground running: our virtual operation had us ready to move cases along quickly while focusing on keeping the clients informed and involved and optimizing their experience. We’re grateful that it was a smooth transition, and clients are loving it.”

Farias Family Law is ready and excited for what lies ahead. This new era in business is requiring more of all businesses, law firms included. Farias Family Law will continue to strive to provide the highest quality work and client service. They were well-equipped for all of the changes required by the pandemic, so they hit the ground running. However, they won’t stop there. They will continue to innovate to improve their service and the client experience.

For more info visit https://www.billfariaslaw.com/

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