Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Woodway

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Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Woodway

Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Woodway

Burst or blocked sewer lines can quickly cause substantial damage to modern residential homes. Sewer lines are designed to remove wastewater from the property and bring it to an off-site location where it can be processed safely. Before processing, wastewater contains dangerous pathogens, so leaks can be seriously problematic. Thankfully for homeowners in Woodway, there are affordable sewer line repair services available in the area.

Signs It’s Time for Sewer Line Repair

It’s usually fairly obvious when a home has serious sewer line problems. The most obvious sign of trouble is an unpleasant smell produced as noxious sewer gases are released into the home, but homeowners should catch the problem before this symptom arises.

To catch a sewer line problem early, pay attention to all the drains in the house. If multiple fixtures are clogged, it’s most likely due to a clog or a break in the home’s main sewer line. Homeowners may be tempted to assume that they are suffering from multiple localized problems, but this is rarely the case.

A second obvious warning sign of sewer line troubles can be seen when homeowners use their washing machines or other water-hungry appliances. Take a look at the toilet. If the water line is rising or, even worse, the toilet is overflowing when these appliances are draining, it’s a sure sign it’s time for sewer line repairs.

What to Do

The first step homeowners should take if they believe their houses may require sewer line repairs is to call a qualified plumber. Don’t put it off until later. Apollo Plumbing offers full 24/7 emergency services, including sewer line inspections, cleaning, repairs, and new installations. Learn more about the company or get in touch at immediately.

Diagnosing the Problem

A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the underlying problem quickly and efficiently using advanced video inspection technology. The plumber will insert a specialized camera into the sewer line through one of the home’s drains, allowing him or her to accurately locate the source of the problem and recommend what actions to take.

Removing Clogs

If the problem is caused by a serious clog, homeowners won’t be able to handle it themselves. Drain snakes and over-the-counter chemical cleaners just aren’t effective at removing tough clogs. Professional plumbers have access to sewer rooter equipment that will remove even the largest clogs to get the line opened up as quickly as possible.

Making Repairs

If the sewer line is broken, not just clogged, it can cause even more problems. Professional plumbers have all the knowledge, equipment, and expertise required to address broken sewer lines quickly before they can go on to cause more damage.

Get Help Now

When it comes to avoiding property damage following broken or clogged sewer lines, time is of the essence. Find out about one local company that can help at These professionals have years of experience tackling everything from serious sewer line clogs to new installations and more and they are devoted to providing the best plumbing services in Woodway.

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