Certified Skin Care, Makeup, Eyelash & PMU Course in Vietnam

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Certified Skin Care, Makeup, Eyelash & PMU Course in Vietnam

Certified Skin Care, Makeup, Eyelash & PMU Course in Vietnam

Miss Tram Academy was founded by Grand Master Dong Bao Tram. It specializes in vocational training with legal certification in Vietnam.
Miss Tram Academy (from Vietnam) shares 8 Notes on Choosing Beauty Careers & Experiences in Choosing Appropriate Certification Training Courses.

Currently, the demand for beauty services has increased sharply, leading to many places to open up beauty training programs. Many prices, many ways of advertising of the classes lead you to be confused, not sure what to choose? If you choose not, you will lose money and time – “Money lost carrying disability”.

Here Miss Tram Academy (we will abbreviate to MTA for easier reading) share experiences about choosing a profession & where to study quality beauty spa so that those who are interested in this profession avoid the immediate risks. When entering the profession:

1) Ask clearly about the requirements – qualities of the profession:

The purpose of to see if you are suitable for the career you intend to choose or not.

For example, there are tasks that need 1 or more of the following:

• Need dexterity,
• Very often exposed to chemicals with which you may have a history of allergy,
• Need to sit for a long (several) consecutive hours,
• Need to invest a lot of money to buy professional equipment,
• Requires focused silence.
• Continuously talking, chatting with guests.
• Requires going out continuously (work from home, to take place)

Normally, at the Prestige Training Center will help you orient the appropriate level of the profession in the first time you come to consult, learn the content, the training process as well as visit the classroom. Therefore, in addition to learning the course through the media, it is very necessary to go directly to the facility for detailed advice.

What you need for counseling is to listen for guidance, state all your concerns and questions, and share your direction. From there you will be answered that the Spa profession you choose is right for you or not under the objective perspective of senior professionals.

2) Inquire about money (Tuition fees and expenses incurred):

In addition to the content of the training, the tuition fee is also something you must carefully consider the salary to avoid “miss the labor force and have to follow the TB” or “the money lost the disability”.

• How much is the tuition fee exactly?
• Are there any surcharges during and after the course?
• Do I need to buy any additional equipment in the course?
• Has there arisen in the practice?

When you go directly to an institution for a consultation, a little tip for you is to consider the “seriousness of the consultation”. With a reputable Center, you can not only get partial answers to your inquiries but also clearly present all costs that may arise during the training period.

Hopefully you do not come in person just to hear the general quote because you can always ask for tuition fees over the phone. However, before you choose to learn an apprenticeship, you must clearly define from the beginning that it will be a luggage, a turning point, a profession that will follow us throughout life.

That is why you need to be really serious, dedicated to quality. To achieve these there are other costs in addition to tuition fees that are likely to arise, as suggested by the MTA above. Especially there is a very important issue you need to pay attention to for the quality of your course is “model for you to practice”.

Khóa học phun xăm thẩm mỹ

• Have you practiced on real samples? – The real model is on the real person, and the fake is on the artificial leather panels, on the manocanh).
• Specifically, how many samples will you practice?
• Will the model be provided by the course or will you have to find and bring it yourself? (If you have to bring the model yourself, you should consider it because even if your loved one is very difficult to persuade to model, since then you cannot have the model to make)
• Do tools and equipment generated when making samples need to be purchased, how much does it cost? (Especially for the Inkjet Embroidery and Sculpture of Eyebrows – Eyelids – Lips, all tools when done on real people must be completely specialized, in addition the ink is not specific to 1 or 2 bottles that you have to enough equipment to make a successful outcome, if so, what equipment should you buy or be provided by the training, and if you buy, how much does it cost?) and you have to add it all up to get it Get the exact tuition you need to prepare.
• Is there a teacher or tutor to support you during the modeling time? Do you need to pay a fee if you need your own tutor?

3) Ideas to know about study time:

• Fast learning mode and normal study?
• Is there a reservation when something unexpected happens?
• What if I can’t keep up with the class?
• Is it possible to study again to supplement knowledge?

Certainly, if you enroll in a “quantity” training institution, there will be no additional knowledge according to your individual capacity.

And as the MTA shared above, once you have determined that this is a profession that will stick with you, you need quality after the course. Quality Training Center will design a timetable according to your scheduled time and time for the course, so that you will easily norm capacity as well as master all of the contents according to your own study schedule. And where you learn, you will be modeled there to feel the best job (learning with practice).

Usually, each student will have a period of time to reserve the course for special reasons and then come back to continue because if you have not completed the standard study program will also greatly affect. is so great that your institution’s prestige after you graduate.

For the short-term and intensive training courses, your schedule will be quite special because most of the content will be simulated practically and leaned towards the Recipes to be able to practice on people as quickly as possible. without losing quality.

At the same time, although the course has been completed, often quality training centers will provide each student with post-course materials, Online support accounts or come back to the supplementary course after that. master.

* Useful information:

At MTA, students after the course are all given VIP accounts, have the right to unlimited online learning with more than 500 internal courses (how to manage staff, how to talk – to care for customers, Makeup courses – tattoo spray – nail – skin care, …) – help develop comprehensive skills for students after the course.

4) About location (place of study – exam – degree):

• Where to study (because there are recruits in one place but study in many other places – classroom rental type)?
• Is there accommodation support (with remote students)?
• Is the test site and degree of degree different from the school site?

Master Dong Tram and 15 Years' Journey of Sowing Beauty 3

5) About the real value of the degree upon graduation:

• Valid legal practice (legal certification)?
• Which organization recognizes it? (Because some places only issue accreditation certificates of that place, it is not recognized as certification at all – legal vocational qualification).
• How long is the degree / certificate valid for?

6) What is the specific curriculum?

Prestigious teaching places will have specific textbooks for students to refer to from the beginning, to avoid any conflict. This section should ask more about the practice regime in the course (how many sessions, how many samples, …).

In addition to the general curriculum for all students, as the MTA shared above is that to achieve quality, you need a Timetable, where in addition to you can keep up with the progress, fully update the cabinet. If the training content is created, you are also assessed your competency through your own personal transcript.

In addition, one more thing is very important when you learn about the training institution that the equipment, tools, and machines during study as well as after graduation, how you will apply, have spectrum. Whether or not there are a lot of students having difficulty using only the machines in their locations. You should choose Training Center with modern machines but must be common, popular in most job centers or on the market to be more active after completing the course.

Master Đồng Bảo Trâm và Hành Trình 15 Năm Gieo Cái Đẹp 2

7) What support is available after the course?

You need to ask clearly to avoid losing your benefits such as:

• Update new knowledge – technical.
• Gifts after the course.
• The right to advanced certification exam, the right to participate in domestic and foreign competitions.

Many students do not pay attention to this, leading to forgetting about many benefits after the course ends.

8) Must commit in writing:

All commitment information about the course must be recorded clearly, transparently in writing – contract from the very beginning to ensure benefits later.

When things do not happen, you rely on the information on the document to work. This is also evidence for you to ask third parties (social networks, forums, lawyers, …) to ensure your rights.

The above can be said to be 8 basic and very practical things that you need to understand when you have rekindled the intention to participate in the beauty profession for everyone. If you still have questions about the above issues or any related issues, you can contact MTA for further sharing and support!

Học Viện Thẩm Mỹ Miss Trâm

Miss Tram Academy was founded by Grand Master Dong Bao Tram. It specializes in vocational training with legal certification in Vietnam.

Learn more at: https://misstram.edu.vn/

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