Screen and battery replacement for iPhone is easier than ever before

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Screen and battery replacement for iPhone is easier than ever before

Screen and battery replacement for iPhone is easier than ever before

Screen displays are significant for smartphones. People are now searching for a smartphone that doesn’t restrict the viewing and would be ready to acknowledge that “the bigger the screen, the better display.” You will undoubtedly enjoy watching or feeling at something more extensive than ever with its 4.7″ retina panel.

It’s almost unavoidable, for some reason, that the phones fall and the first thing that’s frequently broken is the screen, this is why you are probably looking for iPhone replacement parts to fix. Even you hate to watch anything on a complete but broken screen. It’s like what you see is blurred all over. You don’t have to settle for this!

Mistakes do happen, and let’s face it; dropping your brand, shiny iPhone 7 is so quick. This paragraph below the top iPhone 7/7 plus replacement screen to buy for screen repair is listed when the unthinkable happens, and you break your iPhone 7, this blog has got you covered.

1. Hkhuibang iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

This iPhone 7 screen is one of the most delicate screens you can buy to fix your handset, with dozens of reviews. It comes with all its repair tools you need; this display screen is familiar with all models of the Iphone 7, such as A1660, A1778, and A1779. This screen is equipped with a front camera, light sensors, ear speaker, and a metal frame — many consumers who buy the product claim that it has a high quality.

2. ARNDOX iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

The ARNDOX iPhone 7 Screen Display Replacement comes in white and black. The Display screen is equipped with a front camera, ear speaker, Proximity Sensor facing, and tools for repairing. The home button is not included; you need to switch your old one from your damaged screen. It is compatible with the A1660, A1778, A1779 model for iPhone 7, and no iPhone 7 plus. Customers who purchased the screen said it suits well, and it is working as it should.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

Modern batteries of iPhones and smartphones made from lithium-ion are brilliant. They are energy-dense, charging rapidly and occasionally bursting. They aren’t great though by a long shot. Unfortunately, new smartphones like the latest iPhones don’t have batteries that last forever. And on the side of Apple, it makes sense why they would add this slowing down feature – what’s been called “throttling.” Apple says it can avoid accidental freezes and shutdowns due to low battery life by throttling an iPhone’s performance.

The only issue? Apple has avoided informing the consumers about it. Just because of that, it was speculated that Apple was deliberately slowing down iPhones to get consumers to buy the costly newer, faster versions.

For that purpose, the top Battery replacements for Iphone 7 are listed here in the section below:

1. LEEVEE iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

This iPhone 7 LEEVEE replacement battery comes with all the repair tools and guidance as a bonus, this battery is suitable only with the A1660, A1778, A1779 iPhone 7 devices. Not seven-plus.

The 2350 mAh high-capacity battery ensures you have 18 percent more power than before. It has been checked with FCC, CE, ISO9001/14001 quality management requirements, and RoHS Certified. This Leevee iPhone 7 battery currently has robust and positive feedback. The seller provides a 5-year warranty, 24-hour answer, and 30-day cashback.

2. Vasea iPhone 7 replacement Battery

VASEA is just another Category A+ battery with 2280 mAh high capacity (12 percent higher than the original). The battery has been evaluated to high standards of safety and is licensed to be safe. It does not under-charge or over-charge, it is quick charging, and excellent battery life is assured. It is only compatible with the A1660, A1778, and A1779 models.

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