Pet experts and e-commerce company, Petmemoir, offers tips on how owners can protect their furry friends from the heatwave

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Pet experts and e-commerce company, Petmemoir, offers tips on how owners can protect their furry friends from the heatwave

Petmemoir, a Chinese e-commerce company that sells and distributes pet memorial gifts, tips, and products for grieving pet owners, shares some tips to pet owners to protect their pets from the heatwave.

During the breezy, sunny summertime, humans love to go for a jog with our furry companions. We assume it’s windy, so the dog should be fine. However, and quite ominous, is the fact that severe injury could be lurking right outside for both pet and owner.

Dogs are susceptible to heat, with brachycephalic breeds (dogs with a short snout) like Bulldogs, Pugs, Brussels, and Griffons; overweight dogs; and thick-coated dogs such as Huskies, German Shepherds, and Bernese Mountain Dogs more prone to heat than others.

When dogs pant, it helps cool their bodies, much like sweating cools humans down. Panting is their primary cooling mechanism; without the ability to pant, they overheat.

Petmemoir caught up with a dog owner, Michelle Koch, who they observed, is not too worried about her dog, Zoe, because she walks into the shade behind some brushes in the local dog park. “She’s immersed in water and can walk a long way,” Koch said. “She’s a German Shorthair, so she’s adapted to the heat.”

That’s because they recently moved from Nevada to Norfolk. They spent Monday morning in the dog park on a hot day, where the temperature hovered around 100 degrees. “I used to take her to the desert and ask her to kill the rock chuck,” Koch said. “She’ll keep running.”

Nevada is a state famous for its hot deserts, but she said she still takes the heat seriously. Zoe does indeed rest intermittently by cooling in large metal containers containing water. “I do have to be careful to make sure the sidewalk is not too hot for her paws,” Koch said, “I have to look at her and watch for signs of heat loss.”

Petmemoir warns that If you put a muzzle on your dog or any other device that prevents the mouth from opening wide enough to pant, you could cause your dog to overheat. And even more dangerous is leaving your pet in a car. On a 78 degree day, the temperature in a car, even with windows cracked, can elevate to 120 degrees within minutes.

Pet owners usually know when their dog will get sick from the heat, Petmemoir said. “They are breathing heavily, drooling excessively, or sometimes they even start falling,” Petmemoir said, “Sometimes their gums turn bright red; sometimes their gums turn blue. They can really struggle in the heat like this,” Petmemoir said. “They need shade.”

Petmemoir explains several ways pet owners can make sure their pets don’t overheat. One way is to measure the temperature. According to Petmemoir, the average temperature for dogs and cats should be around 102 degrees. Pet owners should cool their pets. One way Petmemoir suggests is to take some towels, soak them in cold (not cold) water, and let your pet lie on the towel. “If you really need to take your pet outside, such as taking a dog out for a walk, try doing it in the morning or the evening,” Petmemoir said, “If you have to go out in the heat of the day, try to shorten the time.”

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