Choosing the Correct Wedding Venue Can Produce Photographs that are Nothing Short of Splendid

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Choosing the Correct Wedding Venue Can Produce Photographs that are Nothing Short of Splendid

Making the Right Choice of Wedding Venue is Now Easier for Couples in Toronto, Canada

A wedding is one of the most precious and cherished moments in any individual’s life.  It’s a big step, and many decisions must be made.  One of those decisions is perhaps also one of the most important, and that is choosing the correct setting and venue for the wedding.  Memorable photographs occur when the proper venue is chosen and the venue should ideally reflect a couple’s individual preferences, their personalities, and the unique and special preferences that make them a “couple.”

When choosing a wedding venue, creativity counts a great deal!

MANGO Studios in Toronto offers these special individualized venue offerings and makes each couple’s preferences their priority.  From angelic type settings to the more casual “off beat” backdrop, a couple need no longer search relentlessly throughout Toronto for the perfect setting, as there are what is considered the “top ten” wedding venue locations in terms of beauty and popularity.  Rooftop views, such as at the Globe and Mail Centre offer a backdrop of breathtaking spaciousness, while the Museum of Contemporary Art has a classic, muted feel to it.  The Symes offers a variety of vendors and layouts for a venue, as does the Broadview Hotel and the Great Hall.  These venues are simply classic “chic.”

Some couples prefer a more dramatic style venue and are focused on the food served.

For more dramatic tastes, the Thompson Landry Gallery and the Chase Hotel can be considered.  Many bistros offer great food also such as the Peter Pan Bistro, the ArtscapeWychwood Barns, and Hotel X.  Classic and chic meet in these locations along with superb dining.  MANGO Studios will assist any couple in any style they prefer and all surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, yet also unique. 

No couple should overlook the abundance of beautiful religious settings that abound either though. 

The churches and cathedrals in and around the Toronto area can range from Baroque to Modern in style and are of course, a beautiful backdrop and possible venue for any type of wedding.  Serenity is the key component of church venues and weddings.  Some of the churches in and around Toronto are simply amazingly stunning and memorable moments are created within such backdrops.  Some of the cathedrals and churches are world-renowned and sought after as wedding venues and for wedding ceremonies. Baroque styles are more ornate, while Modern styles of church are more minimalist. 

No matter what is chosen a couple’s personal style should always be reflected.

Weddings are so special that the choice of wedding venue and choice of ceremony should be chosen very carefully.  Theme can and should be discussed with knowledgeable wedding consultants prior to the “big day” and each detail examined thoroughly.  From small intimate weddings to massive guest weddings, all weddings are special and should be treated as such.  When love blooms the moments should be captured flawlessly.  

About MANGO Studios

MANGO Studios has two locations, in Toronto, Canada, and Miami, FL, USA.  The studios are owned and operated by Mo and Nancy GOvindji, hence the name MANGO.  They have been in business since 2004 and offer free consultations.  There is an online form, email, a toll-free number and a blog.  They offer many other services also, with photo booths, corporate headshots, engagement photos, and other unique types of individualized photography. 

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