New freelancer site for home services aims to fill income gaps for the unemployed

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New freelancer site for home services aims to fill income gaps for the unemployed

LONDON, UK – 25 June, 2020 – The current COVID-19 global pandemic has rendered many people jobless and seeking ways to supplement their missing income. While many have applied for and are receiving unemployment benefits, these can only stretch just so far.

But there’s often money to made in unexpected places or using simple skills we have that we take for granted. Entrepreneur Anisa Abdulrahman saw this gap and decided to create a business that would help people utilize their skills and make extra money at a time when they have been struggling to make ends meet.

She recently launched Freelance House Services – an online platform that connects freelance workers to people in need of services at home.

“Living in the UK, I knew many people who have been feeling the pinch of the virus and realized there was a niche needing filling. My thoughts were, those who had hobbies or who had certain skillsets could leverage those skills for a short time until things returned to normal. At the same time, a platform like this offers a convenient way to source services for those shielding or working from home,” said Abdulrahman.

Freelancers registered on Freelancehouseservices can offer a wide array of services from personal training to a dog grooming or walking to home DIY and simple repairs. A quick search brings up a variety of freelancers available for tasks, who are able to set their own prices based on their skill level.

“One thing I wanted to ensure with Freelancehouseservices was that I could allow considerably more autonomy with pricing and compensation, compared to other freelance service sites,” explained Abdulrahman.

Site users can choose a freelancer on the site based on their needs, then easily contact the freelancer via the internal messaging system to set times and dates based on their requirements and the freelancer’s availability.

The no-contract, no-obligation system of the site means users and freelancers are free to pick and choose and there are no restrictions on how many different freelancers can be hired at a time.

“I saw many people with impressive skillsets looking for work, even before the pandemic and I’m excited to see them picking up opportunities and earning money thanks to Freelancehouseservices. Even after the pandemic, these people can continue to supplement their income and provide the services they enjoy to those who need them,” says Abdulrahman.

Visit to search for freelancers or become one!

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