Sciatica Nerve Impingement Relief Helps Patients Get Their Lifestyle Back

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Sciatica Nerve Impingement Relief Helps Patients Get Their Lifestyle Back

Sciatica Nerve Impingement Relief Helps Patients Get Their Lifestyle Back
Pro Active Chiropractic Center offers a game plan to fix or repair neuromusculoskeletal system problems so that they don’t keep coming back, or continue to get worse.

Dr. Scott Stiffey, DC has the experience and skills to provide non-invasive techniques for treating a number of neuromusculoskeletal issues in patients of a range of ages. Sciatica nerve impingement is just one of the problems which the chiropractic methods are successful in treating. For almost two decades, Dr. Stiffey has been treating patients in and around Columbia. He has produced outstanding results in more than ten thousand patients to date. All of the techniques he uses are customized to fit the specific needs of the patient in question.

Impingement of the sciatic nerve is defined as a pinched or compressed nerve, usually created by a spinal disk that has become herniated. The overgrowth of a bone spur on the vertebrae can also cause the symptoms of sciatica. Some of the sciatica symptoms include pain in the lower back, hips, buttocks, or legs, which are more significant when seated. There can be a shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up, and a burning sensation or tingling down the leg. Additional symptoms include weak or numb muscles, causing challenges to move the foot or leg; or constant pain on one side of the buttocks.

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Relieving the pressure on the spine through natural measures allows the spire to heal. Dr. Scott Stiffey uses the Gonstead Technique mainly but also has many other techniques available for the purpose of healing. The team utilizes acupuncture for its many healing capabilities, as well as some of the latest and newest technology to get better and faster results.

The team of professionals has worked with patients who are experiencing a wide variety of different conditions. Many of the patients have had excellent results with sciatica, shoulder injuries, knee pain, headaches, neuropathy, back pain, and migraines. The professionals at the Center also see a lot of patients after they have been in a car wreck.

Contact and location information are available at Pro Active Chiropractic Center. Videos by Dr. Stiffey can be accessed at Pro Active Chiropractic Center Channel 

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