Dwhight Molina invites to enjoy the TV Show “Bienvenido America”

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Dwhight Molina invites to enjoy the TV Show “Bienvenido America”

Dwhight Molina invites to enjoy the TV Show "Bienvenido America"

Dwhight Molina

Dwhight Molina, the talented and versatile Venezuelan host, motivator and influencer of the “Bienvenido América” Saturday show, tells us how he has managed to know first-hand the stories of celebrities, professionals and foreign families who come to the United States of America pursuing their progress dream, with details and with hopes that are worthy of imitation. 

Since his arrival in the United States 5 years ago, the Venezuelan host, Dwhight Molina, has set out to achieve becoming a comprehensive part of the Hispanic community in the United States; after being some time in New York City, he found in Miami the ideal place to develop his media, entertainment and training project and, most importantly, his family project; that city was perfect for the upbringing, along with his wife, also Influencer and Motivator, Daniela Molina, of their girls, Mia and Agua Santa.

Molina, who worked in the ​​counseling and motivation area in Venezuela, became an extraordinary speaker who deals with social and family problems from the perspective of building solutions together as a Family and with a sense of respect and progress. In his country of origin, this versatile professional dedicated himself to supporting communities and students in obtaining their achievements for the good of their family environments with workshops and courses that made him worthy of respect in the community. In the United States, he has been characterized due to the creation of a series in which he interviews personalities and address topics about their emigration to this country from a light and decent perspective, which makes him unique.

Our conversation began with a singular phrase “no one who doesn’t believe in God may achieve their goal”, and he makes reference that those who don’t have faith don’t know values, and that those who don’t know values​​can’t be part of this great nation’s productive gear. Regarding his television program, which has been broadcast uninterrupted for a year, he has told us that having had the opportunity to interview famous people such as: Marko Pérez, Irrael, Norkys Batista, Dayra Lambis, lawyer Abraham Cárdenas , psychologist Madeline Hernández, Jorge Luis Chacín, Funky, Puppy Santiago and Rafucho el Maracucho, among others, is what has allowed him to discover that, behind what is seen on the screen, there are people who, with mysticism and with great effort, have managed to reach their goals, and this makes him lucky. 

He continues with that tranquility that spreads, “Bienvenido América” is my little window to show that it’s possible, from there we try and, thank God, we manage to support those who come to this country wanting to do it well, no matter where they are from, what we want to show is that good people have a place in this place called America. The testimonies of famous and not so famous people help those who come, bequeathing to have an idea on which is the right path in this land of laws.

When we asked him about the motivational talks he has given in different parts of the United States and about his social networks posts, he replied: I’m a path for people to get to know a vision of the country, always framed in the norm, never outside of it. We, the Latinos, have several things to learn up here in North America, the first one is that here the person who complies with the law gets benefits, and the first one of these is the life quality. I don’t intend with my workshops to change the people, I pretend that they understand that the nobility of this country reaches the point that we call it Home, so there are steps that, inevitably, we must fulfill, the first one is the legal permanence, you can’t wish to progress from the migratory shadow. The second one is to learn the language since one can’t come to another one’s house to impose our language. The third one is to adapt and pay taxes, respect the rules and socialize with respect. In the United States, nobody tells you what you may do or how far you may go, but what ISN’T allowed is clearly explained; then, dreaming and achieving happens because we DON’T cross the Line, nor violate the Rule.

About the “Bienvenido America” new season, he tells us that it comes with surprises and with a new image, in addition to bringing literary surprises that we will soon know about. Dwhight, the charismatic Venezuelan motivator and host leaves us with the curiosity of knowing what new product he will bring to the Latin market in Miami for the positive development of those who come to America. Good interview, good conversation, we’ll know more about this young father and husband who ends answering our question about what’s the secret for success in USA: “Always profess and have values, morals, respect and Faith… This is how an immigrant prospers.”

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