UC Merced Brings New Residents to California

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UC Merced Brings New Residents to California

UC Merced Brings New Residents to California

The University of California is well known for its focus on academics, sports, and innovation. People from around the world apply at this university in hopes of being a part of one of the top research institutions. The university has campuses all over the state, with most of them in large cities like Los Angeles and Berkley. However, one of the smaller campuses is getting a lot of attention, and bringing new people to the state of California.

Benefits of Living in Merced

When people think of California, the first things that come to their mind are likely the beaches and large cities. Few people associate small-town life with California but Merced offers just that. Unlike other California cities, residents don’t have to deal with congested traffic on their morning and evening commutes. It’s even safe to ride a bicycle instead of driving on a daily basis. 

In addition to an easy commute, residents also enjoy affordable housing. Some cities in California are very expensive. The sun and sand come at a price. However, those who purchase Bright Homes in Merced get the best of both worlds. Living in California is a dream for many people but most of them never realize it because they don’t think they can afford to live there. Merced offers the opportunity for anyone to live, work, and study in a nice city in California without sacrificing their quality of life. 

For those who long for the ocean or the business of the big city, San Francisco is only a few hours away. Merced residents can drive to the city for the day or for the weekend, enjoy themselves, and then drive back home to their quiet neighborhood. It may be nice to visit large, crowded cities, but living in one isn’t ideal for everyone. Living in Merced has definite advantages, with everything else a short drive away. 

Studying at UC Merced

Students in California have a lot of options when it comes to public universities. The UC Merced campus boasts a high acceptance rate and a Latino population that mirrors the demographic in the state. With the affordable housing rates in the city, some students prefer to purchase homes through https://www.bright-homes.com rather than live in dorms while they study. After attending college in the area, students may choose to continue living there after graduation.

The university offers a variety of undergraduate as well as graduate degree programs. Whether a prospective student is interested in business, biology or technology, they re sure to find a degree that appeals to their interests. The research students do at the University of California campuses prepares them to begin or continue their career, ideally within the city of Merced. 

Considering a Move?

Bright Homes has been matching buyers with their dream homes for more than 45 years. This local company has built more than 3.700 homes since they’ve been in business and earned many rewards. As a major employer and community member, Bright Homes is well-respected in Merced. If you would like to visit us for information, please visit us at https://www.bright-homes.com/contact/

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