Professional Electrical Services Available in Irvine

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Professional Electrical Services Available in Irvine

Professional Electrical Services Available in Irvine

There are over 50K house fires caused by electrical issues and malfunctions annually. These fires account for over $1.3 billion in property damage. Home and business owners must ensure their electrical systems are working properly and safely to ensure everyone using the building remains safe. While some people may not like the idea of paying someone to handle something that isn’t necessary, the potential risk is worth the investment.

Getting to know some of the most common reasons a person needs to call an electrician is the best way to see why these services are so important.

Fuses that Blow too Often 

If a person notices the fuses in their home continue to blow or if the circuit breaker continues to trip, it is the sign of a problem that a professional like While some people believe that screwing in a new fuse with more amps will solve the problem, it won’t. This type of repair causes a fire hazard.


If an electrical breaker, outlet, or appliance has begun to spark, it is time to call for help from S.E. Electrical Services, Inc. This means that some type of issue is present that requires the help of a professional.

Flickering Lights

This is an indication something is going on with the internal electric system. It requires quite a bit of work and investigation to find the underlying issue. In most cases, this is a problem that amateurs should not try to handle on their own.

The Use of Many Extension Cords

There is a reason that electrical wiring is hidden in the walls. Not only is it ugly to look at, but exposed wires may also create a hazard. If a homeowner notices they don’t have enough plugs in a single area and they have to use multiple extension cords, they should have an electrician come to the property to rewire the system.

Hot Outlets or Switch Plates

If there is a switch plate or outlet that feels hot to the touch, this is another sign of a serious problem. Outlets should never feel hot when they are touched. This could present an electrical shock risk or even a fire risk, so make sure to have it checked out right away.

Two-Prong Outlets

If there aren’t enough outlets in a room or if a house still has two-prong outlets in place, this is a huge issue. In most cases, these two-prong outlets are only seen in older homes. While some just add extenders or use extension cords, this can be quite dangerous. If the issue persists, a fire may occur. Call the professionals, such as the team from for help and more information.

Don’t ignore signs of an electrical problem. They are going to get worse as time passes and present more hazards to anyone using the home or building. Addressing an electrical problem right away will minimize issues and help ensure the problem is resolved quickly.

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