The Newest Luxury Wedding Trend for 2020: Korean Traditional Bride & Groom Attire

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The Newest Luxury Wedding Trend for 2020: Korean Traditional Bride & Groom Attire

Sacramento, California, United States – May 19, 2020 – In a sea of Pinterest-inspired weddings that all look the same, the newest wedding trend for 2020 has new brides and designers gushing. Everyone is ditching the typical white dress design and opting to wear Hanbok for their ceremony. Hanbok, which is Korean traditional clothing, is loved for its elegance, luxurious patterns, and ease of wear. 

Although originally worn in Korea for weddings, birthdays, and special holidays, Hanbok has spread beyond the shores of Korea into the hearts and closets of fashion-lovers worldwide. Popular Korean Netflix shows such as the Kingdom have showcased different styles of Hanbok and the Hanbok has long been considered as haute couture by fashion designers.

Hanbok is described as a beautiful, cultural treasure worn on the body because of its unique and artistic designs. It has been worn since the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BCE – 668 CE) in Korea and was originally made so that people can move freely in comfortable clothing. Back then, different patterns and needlework expressed people’s social status. Peonies, for example, represented honor and wealth, while dragons and phoenixes were reserved for royalty. 

Today, the Hanbok is worn in two ways: traditional and modernized. Traditional Hanbok are made with rich hues and dyes, intricate hand-stitched embroidery, and many layers that fold on top of each other. Modernized Hanbok features a simpler silhouette with less layers, for ease of wear and comfort, and new patterns such as pastel hues and lace. 

Eric Lee, the owner at The Korean in Me, one of the only English-based premium online hanbok stores, says “traditional Hanbok has become the latest trend in bridal wear, for brides who want a fairytale-like wedding and want to feel like a princess on their special day.”  But Hanbok is not just for brides, Lee says. Grooms too can look handsome and put-together in a comfortable groom’s Hanbok outfit that matches the bride. 

To get advice on how to incorporate traditional or modern Hanbok in your wedding plans, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Eric Lee at 916-955-0179 or email the company at [email protected]

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The Korean in Me is the world’s leading online premium hanbok store. Its founders are dedicated to preserving the cultural legacy and craftsmanship of Korea’s traditional hanbok clothing. To get more information about Korean fashion and hanbok, and to purchase Korean traditional clothing, visit The Korean in Me’s website.

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