OVZA to revolutionize the global real estate market with property listing platform

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OVZA to revolutionize the global real estate market with property listing platform

Innovative real estate solutions provider, OVZA, set to change the way real estate is done with the launch of their revolutionary platform

OVZA has stayed true to their goal of seemingly disrupting the real estate market across the globe with the launch of what has been described as one of the most competent systems for property listings. The platform is designed to help the different stakeholders in the market make the best possible decision in the shortest possible duration regardless of their location on the surface of the planet.

The real estate sector is a lucrative one and has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, with different stakeholders contributing their quota to ensure the industry is efficient. The growth of the industry has led to the influx of hundreds to thousands of brokers and online property listing platforms to meet the needs of consumers. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions are not as comprehensive as most customers will want. This is where OVZA is looking to make a difference by providing a comprehensive platform that satisfies the diverse needs of real estate agents and buyers of residential properties.

OVZA will revolutionize the way online real estate is done,” said Joseph Maher Milad Iskander, founder of OVZA. “There has never been a more competent system accepting property listings from private owners and real estate agents alike,” Joseph continued.

The primary goal of OVZA is to provide property listings in every country, creating an international network of property listings that features private homeowners and real estate agents. OVZA puts worldwide properties at the fingertips of people to purchase their dream real estate properties across the globe.

Described as “the guide to residential properties around the world,” OVZA offers different categories of residential properties from different parts of the world. The unique combination of a user-friendly interface and comprehensive property listing makes it easy for brokers to list properties and buyers get their dream in a few clicks.

In a similar vein, OVZA plans to release their mobile app on Google Play and the App Store soon.

For more information about OVZA and the amazing real estate solutions offered, please visit –
www.ovza.com. OVZA is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About OVZA

OVZA is an innovative real estate solutions provider founded by Joseph Maher Milad Iskander, a law student at Kings College London. The company aims to make it easy to list and purchase residential real estate properties across the globe with a easy-to-use interface.

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